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Mar 27, 2005
Hope I am not repeated an old topic. I have a customer who has collectables framed in a case that has UV glass on it. He likes to be able to keep this glass clean but even with the proper cleaner and care he is starting to get some small scratches. Is there a UV glass that does not have a coating on it...but possibly in it?
Either he is cleaning the glass on the inside of the frame or someone put the glass in backwards!

Offer to either replace or turn around the glass for him.
yes, sounds like TruVue on backwards.

The other alternative is to use the Denglas UV Clear. Similar filtering properties (a little better actually) to the TV, but it is dipped and "baked" (I think) so it is hard and won't scratch like the sprayed TV.

The dipping causes it to be UV coated on both sides, thus giving it a little more filtering.

Now, we've been through this before ... this is NOT the "water white" Denglas everybody panics over the cost. It is a competitor to the TruVue Conservation Clear.
Bob he is cleaning the inside because it is framed as a case door that opens. I just wasn't sure if there was such an animal as non scratching uv-lol
I think it is sold next to the non-scratch plexi!

Frankenthread, Why can't they use abrasion resistant plexi for CDs and DVDs? Seems a no brainer!
The UV coated side may be cleaned carefully with non-ammonia cleaner and a cotton or microfiber cloth, just as we do it in the shop. Paper towels, synthetic fabrics, and other materials commonly used to clean glass are abrasive enough to cause scratches over time.
Bob, it adds to the cost of the disk. There are brands of writable disks that DO have this coating. The base material for CDs is polycarbonate. It is durable, but scratches easier than acrylic.

What Jim said is fine for disks too. Just wipe radially, never parallel to the tracks.
Back to the thread...
If he was going to be washing the inside, did you sell him a bottle of the DenGlas cleaner, or TruVu cleaner along with a 3M/ScotchBrite cloth? Go for the Den as mentioned before. Isn't Guardian (with the blue wrap) also dipped? What about the oily look of that glass?


Originally posted by JohnR:
Bob, it adds to the cost of the disk.
Well, of course John!
But I would think, in volume pricing they could get the price down to a reasonable level. Just like the way UV has gone down to where it is now my default.

I think if I was offered the choice between 2 DVDs and one was "scratch-proof" I'd pay $1 more for it. Way cheaper than replacing the DVD when it becomes unplayable.

(And I wouldn't have to return so many to NetFlix to get a replacement!)

Thanks for letting me hijack your thread.
Bob I didn't do the job originally and haven't seen it yet. After talking with the co. that did the work they did send him the necessary cleaner. He said it was purple...sounds like tru-vue doesn't it? He was appraoching me about possibly changing it because of the scratching. I didn't want to commit to it until I researched the glass aspect more and I told him I would like to see it anyway so I can assess how it was originally fitted. Also it looks like I will be making these collectors cases in the future for him as well.
"Isn't Guardian (with the blue wrap) also dipped? What about the oily look of that glass?
" -- Bob

No, the guardian is sprayed. I said the TV was sprayed in the earlier post
It's actually rolled. The Roll produces the "orange peel" effect you sometimes see on the TV, the spray produces the "oily look" you note for guardian (due to uneven spraying), the Denglas has neither of these characteristics, but usually costs more and is 2mm as opposed to the 2.5 of the others.

Steph, get the DenGlas.

P.S. I use 95% TV Con Clr, but for that occasional tight rabbet, or where you just don't want the coating artifact, the DenGlas comes through!
Thanks Cliff now I only have to find a supplier
LJ doesn't carry it and I just called Don MAr and apparently they no longer do
I've always gotten it from Don! They don't carry it?? oh no!!

Do you have the DenGlas reps number? I have it around here somewhere if you need it.
Cliff Don't panic...they no longer carry the Clear UV...but still carry the preservation water-white. Is this one HARD as well?
Also I was talking to a local supplier and he suggested Museum glass, which I really would like to start stocking. He said the coating is between the layers so it won't scratch, is this the Tru-Vue Museum glass he is talking about?
LJ doesn't carry it and I just called Don MAr and apparently they no longer do
You sure? I just got a case of DenGlas from Don Mar this week. :confused:
Yeah, Judy thought they had it but now its listed as discontinued(from them). Like I said that is for the clear UV not the water white.

Maybe your just special Bill!
Steph, the Water white does not have a UV coating.

The TV Museum scratches just like the Con Clear.

I'm calling Leslie as soon as I find her card! &*(%$^
uv bends the light rays right??
so putting it the other way around would bend the light rays in the other direction???
Isn't it suppose to be placed so that the UV side is on the outside?? So if turned around it would not bend the light rays properly..yes..no..? I know that if I hold a piece up to our lights one side shows the lights reflecting very little while the other will show a lot more.
anyhow I was thinking that if this is coated on the outside..which it is..then it would be exposed to whatever, but if it were placed on the inside it would not..and you couuld polish away all day.?? but then what about the rays and bending them??? So it seems to me the best way would be to coat it on both sides..!
IS this guy using a brillo pad to polish the glass with? wouldn't it take a bit of scrubbing to take off the UV coating?
Originally posted by Cliff Wilson:
Steph, the Water white does not have a UV coating.

The TV Museum scratches just like the Con Clear.

I'm calling Leslie as soon as I find her card! &*(%$^
AND you forgot to mention that it's a bear to clean!

the UV coating is designed to be placed on the art side. (It is even labeled that way on the glass.) With TruVue is is rolled on and scratches relatively easy.

The Denglas UV Clear product is coated on both sides. And hardened.

What is this "a bear to clean" with Museum Glass? I use Sprayway Cleaner and KayDry wipes and have never had a problem cleaning when fingerprints are accidentally applied. Normally it doesn't need cleaning out of the box if handled with gloves. I just re-matted a piece for a customer that had fingerprints and grime all over the Museum Glass - it cleaned easily with my normal cleaning products.


Pat :D
Cliff your 100% right. My error. that should be "inside" and not outside.. I don't think I have done a good job at explaining it right. Seem to be lost for the right words here on this matter. so with that I am going to shut up..except to say everyone follow cliffs advice not mine.
Their I feel better. been buggin me for several days now but wasn't sure just where to post this.
"Give credit where credit is due" and CLiff deserves the credit here for catching my error and correcting it..Thanks!