Using your scrap moulding ......


PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
Since there has been some talk about some of the classes offered at the different trade shows, I decided to post some images that would be covered in the session on using your scrap moulding for other saleable projects. There is a good book available through the DECOR library that will give you a wealth of ideas on building little gift items out of scrap moulding.

The title is "Decorative Accessories Made from Moulding", Columbia Publishing Co., and the DECOR library book # is B-604. It has a materials list and easy to follow instructions for each project and is well worth the $16.00 cost if you are interested in learning how to turn your scraps into usable items for retail sale in your gallery/frame shop.

Here are some of the business card holders and accessory boxes that I have built. the business card holders sell for $25.90 each and the sets sell for $59.95. I established the prices by putting some of these on eBay a few years ago and let the bidding show me how much people would be willing to spend on items like these.



This is a lidded (not hinged) gold jewelry box that I built out of scraps of moulding left over from a large mirror frame. The moulding was too expensive to just throw the short pieces away so I did this. It sold for $89.00 which was a steal considering the work to build and line it.



I have also built shelves and wall decorations and a number of different sized boxes that hold post-it notes, remotes for home use, pencil boxes, stationery boxes, and a host of other boxes to hold things that were ordered by customers. You can find directions for building clocks, humidors, sconces, and large items such as room dividers and bulletin boards in the book mentioned.

I would welcome all critiques on these and also ideas for other projects that you have built from scraps.

What great stuff! And thanks for putting out the prices. Although everyone is in a different market area, at least it gives one some notion of what people are willing to spend on items of this sort. I really hate to throw away the "cool" moulding shorts! However, lack of time is usually my problem, and the very idea of letting my employee near the saw send shivers down my spine.... :eek: A few weeks ago I posted about using shorts to make small mirrors, and have had lots of the little cutie frames ready and waiting on their "innards", which finally came in yesterday ( I hate it when a company says "2-3 weeks", and it turns into 6!). So now I've got to get serious about figuring out some prices.

By the way, I am really glad to see some activity on this forum, I love to see other people's work. It inspires me!

Very nice, FGII. I like the mouldings you have used. I addition to the things you have made, I have made a kleenex box cover from the LJ Imperia (Imperial?) tall shadowbox profile. I need to get that book. I had a customer ask me for a

One year when I was the local PPFA president I made trophies with little brass plates instead of giving placques to the officers. I think I got that idea from Greg Perkins who is the most creative person I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Keep on posting those pics, FGII.