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I just want to take a second to thank Framer and all the Grumblers that have made this place such a valuable resource.


I had a customer come in with a sand dollar and when the question came up about mounting it, I told the customer that I might glue or sew it on, and I would 'consult with a panel of experts' before I picked the method. I was able to take the job with absolute confidence that I would know what to do, even though I have never done this particular item before.

I did a search and came up with this thread that was perfect.

Just wondering . . . what topics have you searched for? Did you find what you needed? What were the threads you found?
A customer wanted to frame both an old photograph of a locomotive and the glass plate from which which it has been made.

I questioned the advisability of framing the plate and told him I would 'consult the panel of experts'. Then I printed the results and let him read them for himself.

The concensus was that framing the glass negative was not a good idea because it could fade if exposed to light for any length of time.

So I didn't get that framing job. Got lots of others though; he was impressed by my 'resources'.

The Grumble made me fearless. I don't know how many times "Sure, I can do that" was followed by a mad dash to the computer and a post of "How in the world am I going to do that?"

i wish the search worked for me. today i wanted to look for a thread i remember seeing, "cutting reverse bevels". came up with nothing, as usual. i have sent many emails to the moderator, but no help forthcoming. does anyone know a secret? thanks, fortuna
No secret Fortuna,

click on business issues, a very recent topic, last post on the 27 Dec

Search works great for me, and my computer is a clockwork one!
Fortuna, look down a couple forums to the "Tips of the Picture Framing Trade"" forum. "Cutting reverse bevels" is right on top.....It pays to search in multiple forums. People seem to be posting topics everywhere these days and you can only search one forum at a time.

Hope that helps.
It does take some creativity to get results.

I just tried typeing in 'rev bev' and a whole bunch of stuff came up. Picked through and found one that goes over how to cut rev bev on a double mat.

Also - don't judge the thread by it's title. Many times the first question leads to another topic and that is often where the gems of info end up.

Have fun cutting!
fortuna i got curious since I normally can't get anything to work that deals with PCs. So i installed the cut and pasted "reverse bevels" portion of your "cutting reverse bevels" search and this is what came up;

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But in a straight line of course.

sometimes you can make your title too restrictive and unless it is EXACTLY what you type it will say there is none titled like that.Try being a bit more flexible with your titles.

This is why I am anal about descriptive topic titles. You never know when someone might be looking for your thread a month or a year later. A list of topic titles like

  • AARGH!</font>
  • Can anyone help?</font>
  • What the **** do I do now?</font>
is not helpful to anyone looking for information.