Using 2nd print as top mat over 1st print?


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have seen some of the commercial "framed pieces" use this technique - and artists at shows seem to embellish their mats with extensions of their drawings/paintings onto the mat...

I am looking at this as an avenue for a design for a small series of art prints (posters) that already have so much going on with the artist's drawing her own mats/borders... to add another mat seems too much. This way I can utilize the artist's work and add some depth/interest to the pieces.

What do you think?

personally I think it's got that 80s thing going on,know what I mean? Along with 5 and 11 profile metal.

But that's just me
How about a Roccoco frame and ala Dali, the frame appears to melt and run across the mat and over part of the print...?

Would look great on a TK.
Nah, it's not just you, Mike. This was the hottest look going for furniture store art when I started framing in the mid-80's.

It took me about six months to get over 'clever' mats and figure out that just because a thing can be done doesn't mean that doing it is necessarily a good idea.

Roz, it sounds like the pieces you are working with are already busy. Maybe a big black (okay, white, if you insist) mat is what's needed to calm them down.

Thanks for the input - yays and nays!!! In playing with designs I was leaning towards covering most of the mats created within the artwork to minimize the busy-ness of the pieces... So that is probably what I will do - but we'll see how the customer feels... there are some nice soft colors to work with to "calm" it down.

did you change your name to protect the prints??