Uses for scrap moulding

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I wondered what kind of things some of you might make from your scrap wood moulding. For those of you looking for things to sell in your shop (besides frames, prints, etc.), or at craft shows, I'd think making good use of wood moulding leftovers would be beneficial.

Please share your ideas and 'recipies'!
Bob's joking about the kindling. The toxic gasses from the frame finishes might not kill you, but they might cause enough brain damage that you'll get the urge to build tiny, decorative accessories from your scrap moulding.

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that there is a book called Decorative Accessories Made from Moulding. I have the book. I even took a class in Atlanta. If I ever decide to build a decorative accessory from moulding, I'll let you know.

FramerGuy did a lot of this when he was in Illinois, and he was good at it. Now I suspect he goes to the beach instead.
Well shucks, I should have known there'd be a book! But I must admit, I really am surprised there is on such a topic. Thanks for the 'heads up'! It seems like such a waste to toss such good stuff. Maybe I'm too frugal! So frugal that I could never imagine burning it in the fireplace....even if it wasn't toxic (or near 100 degrees outside).

I can only imagine what things FramerGuy has come up with. But you are right.....he's "hangen' ten" at the beach. Odds are, the lifeguard station is made out of scrap moulding! ;)
Kwote from Sherry:

I can only imagine what things FramerGuy has come up with .......


How am I supposed to take THAT remark??

I'll have you know that the lifeguard stands would look a heck of alot better if they WERE built out of scrap moulding! (I am negotiating on that one as we speak.) :cool:

I have posted so many photos of boxes, note boards, wall accessories, and such made out of scrap moulding that I'm afraid I'll get a an email bomb from some Grumbler who has gone off the deep end with

"OH! NO!! Not another one of his little boxes!!",

so I will direct you first towards the archives. Run a search for "uses for scrap moulding", "boxes", "business card holders", etc. and you should come kup with something. If you hit mud, let me know and I'll risk posting some more of the same for you.

(You gotta promise to open any suspicious email that I forward to you, though.) :eek:



Hey, those scraps start a campfire really well! And the fumes don't do a thing to your brai brai brai brain cells!
Years ago, during the gas shortage days in the 1970's I did use my scrap mouldings for kindling. I had a wood burning stove in my basement. Since then I have used them to make small frames for the photos I have taken of familiar scenes in our area. I put these on sale at a very cheap price at our annual festival in town. They go very well. This uses up my scrap glass as well.
I have done boxes like the Rome ones, but these are one of a kind. I have done business card holders, I have made coasters that go inside of a box. It is a good way to get rid of old moulding fabric mats and fillets. I have seen humodors made from many mouldings, it was ugly, but good idea. You can make cabinets, spice racks, little mirrors that you hang like a diamond, if you figure out how to cut it you can turn it into anything.

Here is a good one...simple too. Why does everyone use dowls to hold up old tapestries, you can maek a rod out of moulding that hangs flush on the wall and looks much better. Just need to figure out the magic of cutting the wrong way.
My recipe … forget the subtle flavor of hickory or mesquite, the added flavor of simmering formica from a Framerica moulding adds that something special to a barbecue.