Used Mitre-Mite V Nailer


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Feb 16, 2004
I saw this MITRE-MITE VN2 V NAILER on ebay. Seller is starting out at $49.00. He says it's coming out of a working shop but can't keep up with the production of a larger shop. Do you think this is junk? The seller says he bought it used a couple of years ago the cylinder has model 1201 on the bottom of it. It has no major problems except that the 15mm head
won't work. He bought a new iron L for it but it
is not included in the auction.
I thought this would be a good item to start out with for my new venture. Any advice?

When I was a bodyman I would have customers call me on the phone asking for an "estimate" on collision damage that they had incurred the night before. Their explanation NEVER came close to the actual damage on the vehicle!

Your question "Do you think this is junk?" brought this to mind.

Without seeing the machine or knowing anything about it, you can imagine that nobody is going out on a limb to call it "junk". If it is what you could use for starting out in your new business and you can buy it for anything close to the starting bid, you could buy an awful lot of new parts for it to get it back in good condition for the money you saved on the winning bid.

Unless it was just terribly abused from day one, I would imagine that it would make a good startup underpinner for you. But on eBay, the rule is "let the buyer beware" so you need to make the final decision on whether it is worth the risk buying it.

I would ask the seller as many questions about it as I could to satisfy my own mind that it is worth the time and trouble. You need to figure in shipping before anything else and that may be a factor in buying the machine.

I guess junk was the wrong word.
You're right, starting out at such a low bid made me think it couldn't be worth much considering other factors involved...not a new seller, has a frame shop, knows what underpinners cost. I have contacted the seller and he answered my questions promptly.

With the winning bid and shipping, it will probably be worth the investment. I have bought a few things on Ebay and have never had a problem. I've even located framing equipment to bid on in the past. The demand is high. Thanks for the advice!
This is basically a sound machine for your start-up opertion. I purchase (used) a similar model when I started joining and still have it as my back up machine. I probably should sell it but I have a hard time parting with equipment.
One came with my shop when I purchased it 2 yrs ago. The person I bought from paid to much for it from a used equipment dealer ( about $300 less than a new VN2+1) in turn I have payed to much. But that is another story.

I have liked the machine as it is the first underpinner that I have used. Just keep in mind that parts can be ordered to fix but the $ can add up quick. Many of the fittings have leaked air and have had to be replaced. Not sure if it is because it sat to long &/or it was not well maintained.

It weights a ton so shipping might cost. If you win see if he can also include some v-nails so you can play w/ it without having to buy a large box. But for under $100 price might be right. Good luck.

Miter-Mite v-nailers are durable and re-buildable. Whatever is wrong with this machine could probably be fixed, so long as parts are available. And I would bet the parts are readily available.

The question is: Can you rebuild it, or know someone who could? If the answer is yes, then keep bidding as your conscience allows.

Personally, I would pay several hundred dollars for that model in usable condition, expecting to put another couple hundred into parts for it. Thus, your outlay could be well under $1,000 for rebuilt machine in very good working order.
I think ITW-AMP has a rebuilding service for their machines. It might be a good investment with the purchase price being so low. Then you would end up with a like-new machine for a fraction of the cost of a new one. You can reach them at (800) 322-4204.

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