urethane frames


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Dec 16, 2000
North-East US
Abe Munn has a separate facility dedicated to this very hybrid that you need so badly, polyurethane resin antique picture frame replicas. Another supplier is APF. Both from NYC.

There are many other manufacurers of urethane frames but, to my knowledge, only Abe Munn and APF offer museum replications in that sort of material.
Keep in mind that antique picture frame replicas are not possible be made from pictures or memories. Except for those two, everybody else is selling his rendition of a certain group of antique frames. The result is most likely laughable to say the least, horrible to be more honest.

But are you sure that urethane antique picture frames replica is what you really need? I am asking because credible patina is not a mistery and most every frame can be brought to look as if it was a good replica of a certain antique frame. Except for real good connoisseurs, the difference is hard to be noticed much less requested.

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