update on our grumblers frapper map


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2005
Manitoba, Canada
we now have 110 members signed up. it looks good - they have a new feature where you can color code your sex, or if you are an owner or employee if you feel like changing your pin colors.

I still haven't found "Framer" to ask him if he'd like to put a link to the frapper map. Anyone know how I can reach him?

"...color code your sex."

What the ....?
wellllllllllllll............ guys are blue and girls are red................

however - you can feel free to color code your own "self" according to how you see fit! LOL!!!
I'm beginning to understand...thanks for the clarification.
Doug, I don't even WANT TO KNOW what color of paint you were thinking of picking our for yourself!!! LOL!!!

well....... ok - maybe I want to know just a little bit......
First thought was Wild Basil but I better go with Moss. Color names courtesy of Crescent Mats.
aren't those green colors?? the color of mold???

that's not a good sign.........
Is it possible to change your location once you have been added to the map???
the regular color is kind of a dull orange.

Guys are blue, gals are red, show owners are white and the other color is for shop employees

(I didn't know what choices to give - if anyone has better ideas let me know and I can change the color coding)

I believe it is possible. I haven't tried to do it but maybe someone else here has.
Maybe one color for "You can stop in to visit any time" and one for "Please call first - I need to straighten up the back room" :D
Question! we have a member in Alaska who can't find his location - I remember somene else having this problem but I can't remember how they fixed it.

Can anyone shed any light on this for us?

Yes, Log on create an account and place yourself as close as possible. Then you can adjust your location by using the menu and draging and zooming in the map.

thanks James - I'll pass that on