Update on Flood Damage

Frame Lady

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 7, 2003
Seattle, Washington
OK, as best I can figure out, I am about $15,000 in the hole. Lost goods, two days lost business and payment to the carpet restoration people. Boy do they have you over a barrel! I have 3 de-humidifers going along with 12 fans, our electrical circuits can not handle anymore. We have already started building lifters for different pieces of storage equipment and I have 3 boring companies coming in next week for pipe re-fitting estimates. Forecast is for rain for the next two weeks. Gotta love the Northwest. I keep thinking of how beautiful Puget Sound, the Olympics, Mt. Rainier are to keep me going. Yes, dog gone it, the sun WILL come out tomorrow!!!!

Damp and Tired
Why don't you make the land-LORD do the work?

Or did you still want to keep sleeping with him.

All joking aside...

I'm sorry this hit you Lynn, there are so many great car dealers on that street that....

The offer still stands as to the Zeolite. I ain't using it for anything else.