University Emblems


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 13, 2002
Sacramento, California
Hi all,

I have a good friend that wants to have her husband's various diplomas framed. She wants the mattes that you can purchase through the universities with their emblems on them but she wants our shop to do the framing. She contacted the universities to see if she could purchase the mattes alone and they refused. So my question... do any of you know how one can get ahold of these?

Thanks, gang!
Would they part with copies of their emblems, or allow you to reproduce them so that you could display them in a title aperture in your own mats?
Hmm... good thought. She specifically said she wanted the embossed mattes but this is another good option. I wonder if one can buy the little metal emblems from the university bookstores?
The bookstores always have many different items with the emblems on them. I teach part time at a college and they must have a hundred items that could be used or you could paint one using them as an example. You might even use a decal that would adhere to a piece of glass. You could float the glass in a seperate opening above the backing mat for a suspended effect.
To me, the decal idea seems like the best way to go.

Chances are the emblem/seal itself is copyrighted and trying to find someone at the University who is in a position to okay your reproducing it would be like wading through a maze blindfolded.
Buggers! No luck so far. turned me down and CLC seemed to think I was nuts. The real problem is that she has 5 diplomas and she wants to have a uniform look. I doubt that's what we'll get if we approach each university individually. Framing Success had just what I needed... rats!

Thanks for all your input -- as always!
Framing Success has locked up the universities on these. She would have to buy a Framing Success frame with the mats @ $120 each, and have you reframe using the mats.... untill FS finds out and sues you for you eye teeth.
If the customer is framing the diplomas ask them if they want the cases. If not they usually have the seal that you are talking about embossed on the cover, cut it out and use that.