Uniteds NEW Disc Sander

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Just got Uniteds 95th Anniversary Sale Catalog and on pg 26 there seems to be a new item. No.5944 Superior Brand Disc Sander for only $269.00 seems to be a twin to the AMP model for about 1/2 the price. Thought I would just make mention in case any one is in the market.
I just purchased a used AMP for about that price off of E-Bay a couple of weeks ago. Of course it is build like a tank and unless you drop it, not much to go wrong. But United looks like they have a winner at this price and nice to support the sponsor.

(if moderator thinks this belongs in commercial post for sale you can move it) thought meore members might see it here.

PS. check out the Deluxe Foamboard Edge Crusher & Roller NO5995 on pg 27 for only 10.40. I know there has been discussion on what you use to crush foamboard edges. Also looks like a great little tool.
Your post is fine and benefits all.

I hope to meet many of you in Atlanta this week!

I think we’re all waiting for someone else to buy one before we commit.
I just ordered one today...will let you know about it when it arrives and I get to try it out...can't wait!
And another thread with some discussion on this product:

Though the new sander may not be a manufactured to the same tolerances as the other,but it will do the job it is designed for.
Peter Ackerman, President
United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc.

From my perspective this is not exactly a ringing endorsement. I’ll wait for the Julie-Tulie Jury.
On the other hand, our own Jim Miller gave it thumbs-up on the other thread.

(Not to say that Jim has two thumbs on his other hand
Is this another example of us saying "do as I say, not as I do?"

AMP builds a top quality product using well paid labor in Italy. A "knock-off" from the Far East at half price and built to lesser tolerances comes on the market and we rush to check it out.

But we're going to moan at Mrs. Framing Consumer heading to Michael's.

You make a good point. Those who fail to justify their higher prices and "moan at Mrs. Framing Consumer heading to Michaels" probably should refrain from seeking their own best buys.

However, we're not all in that mindset. For example, I think Mrs. Framing Consumer really should shop around. Indeed, she should actually compare products, services and value for her purpose instead of blindly assuming that the promise of a deep discount represents the best price, let alone the best value. In some cases it certainly does, but the problem is that she doesn't bother to compare. She assumes in ignorance.

That would be roughly equivalent to a framer buying the cheapest tool simply because it is the cheapest, not bothering to understand how it compares to a more costly alternative in terms of value and suitability for the intended purpose.

I like my ITW sander. But having actually used and compared them, if I were shopping for one now, I would buy the one from United because I feel it represents the best buy for my purposes.

Shop. Compare. Decide. That's how our (still, almost) free market works best. Whether they are framers or framing consumers, kudos to smart buyers who do that, and pity to those who do not.
I just got a call about my order yesterday...it is on B/O until Dec. 1st...really want it by the holidays!
There are some good points to consider that were just made above, but I must add that I also have confidence in United...it is a good company, has been around for years, and has an excellent reputation. I do not think they would sell a bad knock-off that was unreliable because of forums just like this one...unfavorable words will travel very fast. And if you aren't happy with a product, you are going to tell everyone whom you think that info is relavent to, and they in turn will tell, and on and on. That is why you want to keep your customers happy.