United Disc Sander


Nov 14, 2004
Came home this evening all excited because the disc sander I ordered from United arrived after being on back order for approx. 3 mo. Don't know if mine is typical or not, but the fit/finish is a long way from first rate. I tell myself, for the price, what do you expect? More disappointing, the flywheel is at least 1/16" - 1/8" out of true. This can't be good.
Has anyone bought this sander( the ITW/Amp knockoff) recently and had a similar result?
I can live with cosmetic shortcomings, but not functional ones.

Will Kent
Just got mine yesterday. Haven't gotten it put together to try it yet as I'm building a table for it to be the same height as my work table so that long mouldings won't be just hanging off the edge. But...I did look it over and there are a couple things that have me wondering. I think I'll wait until I actually get it together to see how well it works and then post my thoughts.
Call me and we will replace the defective sander right away. Several of the shafts are out of alighnment and we are retooling them as we speak. Any of these that are not square will be replaced a soon as we are notified.
Peter Ackerman
Originally posted by Bob Roy:
I hope this isn't typical, I have one on order...
No not typical, what is typical is Peter's response, namely that if you have a problem with United CALL THEM! He'll be sure it is taken care of!
Thank you Bob.
I have been sitting here answering e-mails thinking about this thread. What was the point of the original posting anyway? I admit to being a little bit peeved regarding this. Am I wrong?
I don't think he was intentionally bashing United, just expressing his frustration the wrong way!

For example, if I were to screw up a customer's frame I would prefer that they told me and let me fix it for them. Instead of them screaming out my name in vain in the aisles of the grocery store.

I am impressed that squareman was able to determine the nature of his problem before he used the machine. If sounds as if he may be fairly mechanically minded and maybe you could save yourself some shipping expense if you two talked. You could mail the defective piece instead of the whole unit, if it is an easy enough piece to replace.

AND I hope that MarkyW and RobRoy call you if they have troubles! (Now where's my $50 coupon?
Just for the sake of completeness:

1. Bob is absolutely correct.... on both counts. I had,nor do I have, any intent to disparage United. My dealings with them in the past have been completely satisfactory.
2. Yes, I was frustrated; and yes, I did express it inappropiately ......must not be as perfect as I think I am!
3. I spoke with Peter this a.m. and all is well in the universe...at least in regards to disc sanders. He is going the extra mile to put a smile back on my face and I sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks to Bob Doyle for the excellent example of dealing with frustration...I needed that.

Will kent
All is now square with Squareman and I.

To all who are now receiving the back ordered sander:
Approxiamately 30 sanders shipped that may not be square. Fear not. If you received one that is not up to snuff, let me know and it will be replaced ASAP.

As Forest Gump said "Stuff happens" or something like that. Anyhow everyone will end up with a fully functional machine.

Originally posted by Peter Ackerman:
...As Forest Gump said "Stuff happens" or something like that. Anyhow everyone will end up with a fully functional machine...Peter
Few of our major suppliers are so responsive. Thanks, Peter.

An airline flight attendant once said upon landing, "...Be careful when opening the overhead bins. Shift happens."
If this means anything...I am VERY happy with my sander. It is a work saver and my corners have never been mor perfect! I automatically sand all corners on all chops and have never had any problems...unless the moulding is warped.
My United Disc Sander arrived. I received my sander from united Mfrs. and I had a couple of issues with it. One: The original box was re taped and the manual and instructions were missing. I called united and they are sending me the information for it. Two: The sander was not squared on the 45 and the 90. After a couple of hours tinkering, I found that there are four setscrews on the face. Two in front and two near the flywheel. If you put a 90 square on the side of the sander and across the flywheel and you turn each setscrew, that adjusts the wheel to go in or out and that will make it a true 90. For the 45, just loosen the two larger setscrews where the thumbscrew is and put a 45 angle on it against the flywheel and than retighten. Do the same on the other side. This thread is not a bash against united Mfrs. I personal want to thank them for giving me the best deals on my supply’s for the last 15 years. And I know that this sander will pay for itself many times over.
Thank you Peter Ackerman for taking the time to answer this issue.


I owe I owe it’s off the work I go
flywheel is at least 1/16" - 1/8" out of true
I got one about 2 yrs ago---same thing....high on one side.....its still in the corner where i threw it ... piece of junk, not even any good as a boat anchor(wrong shape). somedav I'll pull the wheel and give it to a local metal shop to see what they can do with it...from this experience Id advise getting the "cheaper" one. lot less money down the drain if its bad
I am sorry to hear of your trouble with a sander. I am sure it is not one of ours as we only introduced ours on May 16th of last year, less than a year ago so if it is 2 years old it is not one of ours. If it were I would be happy to replace it or credit you upon its return.

Grumbler F.K.A. Harry,
Due to scheduling conflict, United will not be at the Décor Expo this year. We will be sending out a special mailing that will give everyone our show specials to coincide with the NY show. I am sorry and will miss seeing everyone at the show.

To all who purchased our sander and those who are considering it:
Anyone who receives a product from my company, sander or otherwise, that is dissatisfied with the product for any reason is welcome to ask for either a replacement or full refund. I have been personally inspecting the sanders since the square-ness problem has come to light. I believe that the replacement machines and any new orders shipping out as of last week are going to perform as they ought to. Should anyone be dissatisfied, please let me know and I will see to it that things are set right.
Peter Ackerman
You just can't beat United and Peter Ackerman, we are lucky to have such a great supplier, we now know why it's great. Thank you Peter for all you do for us grumblers.......and for your great support of the Grumbler.....
I wrote a thread about my United disc sander telling you haw i squared it to a 90&45 . Well i have be using it and my corners are perfect.

My intentions were to help other framers learn how to square it, and save you some time in the future, if it ever needs an adjustment. ( you know as we get older we all need a little adjustments once in a while ) not to say anything bad against United Mfrs. I am very pleased with the sander and very, very, glad i saved almost $200.00 buying it from United. So thank you United Mfrs.


I owe I owe it's off the work i go...
Peter---didnt mean to imply I got it from YOU----bought it from another reseler---I just have a big problem with small level of quality of the itw amp sander!!!! It just does not take a rocket scientist to put a piece of wood against the wheel to check for alignment BEFORE its packed/shipped..of course the same might be said for the idiot who bought it & didnt check it, yes??