Jack Cee

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 18, 2002
Willows, CA
We currently use a Euro underpinner that seems to have outlived its usefullness and since the US distributor does not seem to offer repair service, we are considering replacing it with a new one. (not a Euro)

Which brand would Grumblers suggest for dependability and service?
Check the archives for several lengthy conversations about v-nailers, Jack.

I recommend the Fletcher-Terry model 5700. For my money it is a great value. Made in Italy, with more features and less price than the also-Italian ITW/AMP/MiterMite/Putnam/Alfamacchine model VN-42.

Be sure to check United's price for whatever v-nailer you decide on. If you drive to Atlanta for the show next month you might be able to haul home an assembled, adjusted, slightly-used demo unit at a great price.
I used to use a pistorious but when I opened my own shop bought a ITW/AMP/MiterMite VN-42
Great machine, no electrical hook up or oil needed just air and occasional cleaning.

Fair price online, better than the usual suppliers.