Unbuffered Mat boards


May 21, 2003
Northwest Ohio
I have a client who has valuable photos to be mounted. I find that the choice of boards from Crescent and Bainbridge are limited to a few which fall into the category of Unbuffered 4 ply rag in 32x40 and also 40x60. The white is not bright enough. Does anyone have an alternate source of which I am not aware? Thanks
No all photographs need an unbuffered board and what do you mean when you say mounted?

Why do you need a bright white? Most photographs do not have any real bright white in them, usually grayed or yellow based and a bright white makes the photograph look off. The eye is drawn to the lightest brightest or deepest darkest, strongest contrast in a composition and the matting along with the photograph become a composition when juxtaposed. I know that many people think white makes photos look best, but if you really look at them and see instead of believe what you've heard you'll find they don't. The brighter the white the more the mat will draw attention away from the photograph.