Un-solicited samples

Paul N

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound
Does this ever happen??

I received a box of samples from a known company. I am puzzled because I really didn't order them. And secondly, many of them look so ugly (though quite expensive) that I am tempted to keep them, go against my instinct and see what happens!

And no it doesn't seem to be a shipping mishap, my shop's name is on both boxes that I received

Anybody ever got samples you never asked for??
The only samples I've ever received without ordering is Neilsen metal. Maybe you ordered them while you were recuperating - the feminine cornea liked them and the meds kept you from caring one way or the other? ;) :D ;)
LOL, Sue, maybe it's a conspiracy!

I would definitely know if ordered something so, ummm, not pretty.

But you're right: One has to be under the influence to order such samples.... ;)
No fair! Pl-l-lease tell us more about the samples and the company! My curiosity is killing me! I gotta know! :D
We will occationally get samples from LJ that just show up... often is another set of something already on our wall. THey told me they do that if tehy found the intial ones had a problem, fading, chipping, etc.
I am on automatic ship from LJ, so those just show up.

A couple of my reps "know what I like" and will sometimes send samples and come in later to make sure I like them. (Sometimes they take them and sometimes they tell me to hang on to them.)

I also had one large set of samples show up addressed to me, but it turned out a different shop with a "customer #" one different than mine had ordered them and the number got entered wrong.

I say give 'em a try and remember, YOU don't have to like them, your customer does!

The rep promised horrible retribution (I might need a new cornea) if I 'fessed up....

PS: I told the rep, my cornea might be already damaged from looking at those samples anyway!
You should keep them under the counter. You never know when a customer is going to return from a cruise with a TK to frame...

(Sorry, I'm trying to be good...Really! Look, no vomiting smilies...)
I, too, receive a lot of samples from LJ. As a matter of fact, I receive samples more often than I see my rep.
Framerica has also been sending quite a few direct samples.