Un-doing bad framing


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 20, 2003
Northeast US
My boss took an order to re frame some signed and numbered prints. I opened them up to find pressure activated tape and ATG on the back of the prints. We have yet to notify the customer. Maybe he can get these replaced by whoever did it in the first place. (There was no shop sticker)

If he can’t replace them, is there any point in trying to get the ATG and tape off?

I’m inclined to think that the damage has already been done, and I should just cut the tape and maybe put some rag paper on the ATG to keep it from sticking to the backing.
Removal of pressure sensitive tape from paper is
fraught with problems and should only be undertaken by a paper conservator. Someone else
made this problem. You should not let their misbehavior drag you into this mess.

ATG can be tricky to remove as this often requires solvents which can affect printing inks. It all depends on the adhesive and age - I've found lots of variation in the reactions of ATG. Same goes for the tape.

I would let the client know what you found and suggest they contact a paper conservator if they want it removed. The adhesive probably will cause problems down the road (migrating to the front) but that's their decision.

Otherwise, a/f paper on the back to keep from sticking is a good ides.