Tyvek - front/back?

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
Baer, or other Tyvek 'experts'.......

Does Tyvek have a right and wrong side? When I first got it I didn't see a difference. Upon reading a Tyvek product article recently, it stated that there was a smooth side. So, I got out the famous magnifying glass and notice a very suttle difference.

Yes? No? THANKS! (learning to love Tyvek - oooph!)
That's okay Ron! What you don't realize, is there is always a reason for everything I ask - it's just that I don't care to write a journal.

That being said, the reason THIS came up is because the article I read about Tyvek said that the one side is smoother so that dust slides off.

I was as surprised as you apparently are, thus I thought I'd ask those that are far more familiar with Tyvek than me. It's amazing what we learn when we ask.

Trust me when I say, I certainly don't lose any sleep over it!!
I'll also add that this sort of thing comes from my previous career. As a RN, paying attention to ALL details is vital. Guess you could say, "it's in my blood".
For the life of me, I can't locate the article that stated there WAS a right/wrong side to Tyvek and the smoother (right) side was to be on the outside so dust would "roll off".

So, for giggles & grins, I dropped a quick note off to DuPont and received the following note:

Sherry, your explanation sounds good, but the truth is Tyvek® does have
smooth side and rough side, a function of manufacturing, not for any
particular reason.

DuPont Tyvek®
Jack Collison
Research Associate
866 580-8440

So......now you have "the rest of the story" - should you care to know.

I might add that those I 'conversed' with at DuPont are sure nice folks!
That's funny Paul! Especially here in Arizona where we've had something like 6 days of "rain" in about 7 months! Talk about DUST!!

Ofcourse, nothing would be free of dust. The ONLY reason I ever started looking into this matter was because of the first article I read stating there WAS a right/wrong side. I took issue with it because when looking at it with the naked eye - I couldn't see the difference. That's all.

Just my 2 cents and DuPont's millions!! ;)
I just now went outside on the porch and examined my roll of tyvek. It definitely has a smooth side and a rough side..! ever thought to use it for a dust cover before ( to spendy ) but I have this roll just sitting there so why not?
I originally bought it to keep Sammie ( our pet ferret ) in on the porch. I lined the rails with it so he could not squeeze in between the poles. Now I got all of this stuff left over...anyways mine definitely has two different sides too it..
Ha! DuPont's web site lists many, many uses for Tyvek, but keeping your pet ferret on the porch wasn't one of them. I think you should share this with DuPont so they can market the idea!

Tyvek is certainly more expensive than paper, but in certain cases I can see how it's beneficial. I'm doing 20 med. pieces that will be shipped to Belize via boat. I can't imagine what a paper dust cover would look like by the time it reached its destination. And it will help protect the items from the humidity down there as well.
Sammy has sharp claws and as far as we know he can't climb it, Makes a great pet fence for the porch or line a baby gate with it to keep your small critters from going out the door. but you know I never paid any attention to what side I put up facing in. Never thought about it..
I can see a definite plus to using the tyvek rather than paper in your case. I know that some one here take a lot of pride in the back of their jobs as well as the front.
It has me now wondering if their are other products out their just as good to use for dust covers?? Once I got it framed..tehn the dust is not the problem. Its always getting it to that point. Put it together only to find some very tiny spec..take it apart, clean it up, assemble it, only to find anothe spec..Drive ya nuts!
Looking at the title of this thread, I couldn't help but think that, after convincing John Burns to put a dust cover on the back of his frames, now we're going to tell him to put one on the front. He'll never take our advice again!

Pat :D :D