Typing in The Twilight Zone

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
I am experiencing some new weirdness lately.

I type pretty quickly. (I have to.) But lately, when I'm typing away, I'll suddenly find myself in the middle of some pull-down menu. It's as if I've accidentally hit the alt key while typing a sentence.

That's possible, but I don't think so. I guess the alternate choices might be some problem with my keyboard or a software problem with the way my computer is interpreting keystrokes.

This seems to be happening both on my desktop computer at home and my laptop at the shop. I usually notice it on TG, but that's where I do most of my typing.

I suppose I could install a keystroke recorder and check the log to see what keys I'm actually hitting.

Any other ideas? Short of an exorcism?
Good morning Ron,

Any other ideas? Short of an exorcism?
Actually, that's my suggestion. Either you are mistakenly hitting the ALT key instead of the spacebar, or some evil third party is logging/manipulating your keystrokes.

If you grab the free version of AD-AWARE (aaw6.exe from www.downloads.com), it will scan your computer(s) for the little critters, identify and remove as necessary.

Thanks, Mike. I actually installed Ad-Aware on my home computer a few days ago (following your suggestion on another thread, I think.) The first time I ran it, I had 34 "hits" and, of course, deleted them all. I haven't installed it here at the shop yet.

I think I'll try the keystroke recorder.
Thanks for telling us about the AdAware thingy, guys, I downloaded it last night, after being inundated with pop-ups for pop-up removal systems. Now my problem is this: I exited the download after it was complete, following all the directions that assured me I could do the installation any time once I had closed down running Windows applications.

Well, I guess I closed down too many things, cause I ended up with my desktop and NO TRACE of the aaw6.exe. So I did I search for it, under that name as well as the AdAware name. No Luck!

Am I looking for the correct name? Where do you think my sneaky XP might have stashed it? I have looked everywhere!!!

Or should I just download it again? BTW, I was amazed at the quantity of programs available to eliminate pop-ups. Yikes, and most of them cost bucks, but some are free. Hmmmmmm...

Happy 4th!
Just download it again, Mar. I could email it to you, but it would take as long to download it as an attachment as it would to download it from the site. It's not that big and shouldn't take that long to download.

That's the correct file, btw.