Two framing firsts(?), and fusion 4000 help


Jun 17, 2003
Cathedral City & Indian Wells, CA
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Wow, what a day yesterday!

I heard two things from two customers that I think no one else has ever heard..

1) A customer actually got angry with me for finishing a frame ahead of schedule. He had changed his mind about a caption for a photo and couldn't understand why the framing was already done! "You told me it would be done tomorrow!"

2) Instead of someone saying "I don't want to spend a lot of money on this," I had someone say "Show me your most expensive frame." Then she bought it.

I never thought I'd see the day...

I took in a valuable watercolor with a sticker on the back describing the matting used, foam core used, glazing used and the mounting used. The one checked was "removable fusion 4000 drymount tissue." It seems to be only spot mounted at the top corners. Is this one that releases with heat? If so, what temp? Thanks in advance!
my good deed goes unpunished, eh?
We've been speeding up the turn around on certain projects and had one done just a few minutes before the client called to cancel the order. I keep telling them they need to use purchase orders so the mucky-mucks know what the workers are ordering. Oh well.

You need to show more expensive samples.

I set my press on 220 for fusion.

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I use the hair-dryer technique. The things I've had to un-mount were too big and cooled too fast to use the press.
If just in the corners, it was probably done with the tacking iron and may be able to be pulled away gently. I'd try the hair dryer. I mounted between 180 and 200.
Fusion 4000 is designed to be a low temperature adhesive. The product specifications state that the adhesive activates at 170 degrees and bonds as it cools. By reactivating to that temperature, you should be able to immediately separate the image from the substrate.