TV question for add


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

Shot my first commercial for cable thursday and am looking through some of the more logical channels to air it on.

My add guy suggests the following...

We (womens entertainment)

My budget dictates that only 3 channels at higher repitions will give more bang for the buck.

I was thinking to concentrate mostly on Liftime, WE, and maybe TLC.

We and HGTV have high female viewership but I was thinking the ones I am leaning towards may be a little more main stream and more likely viewed.

If I keep all 5 stations then the commercial will get very sparse air play scattered throughout the week only a few times total.

What I really am asking is out of the five listed what would you do?

I have talked to the add guy and will meet with him again but wanted to get a fresh opinion on the situation.

Thank you Grumblers.
I'd drop WE and Travel. Anyway, that is our station mix when we do cable advertising. Lots of people say they've seen it. Or a few people tell me over and over....
I agree with Ellen, drop WE and Travel.

Saturating a few markets is better than showing up "here and there" a few times.

Good luck!
I would drop WE, Lifetime and Travel. Pick up Bravo, A&E, maybe Hallmark.

Talk to your rep and see what gets better viewership in your area
Agree with Tim here: for us in Knoxville HGTV was one of the worst buys. Hallmark was a freebie as were some spots on Lifetime and Bravo. Your area rep will give you all the demographics and viewtimes to allow you to make a comfortable choice. You do not mention budget: the more money to spend, the better your times will be and the more freebie spots you'll get At least tht's what we found. Finally, if you have digital cable in your area, check out some of those shows. Again, here in Knoxville that includes Fine Living and some food shows available only on digital cable.

Good luck. Expensive but usually worth it.
We've also stuck with HGTV as one of our cable stations....mixed results. Those folks who are already customers tell us they've caught the ad, which is a good sign....i.e. similar demographics.

A couple of other thoughts....</font>
  • We've had our highest response on Fox News of all cable programming.</font>
  • Cable reps encourage 1 week on and 1 week off to display some power on air. They don't like it and disagree in the effectiveness, but we like to run a week very heavy and two weeks off.</font>
  • Commit to a 6 month program and you can usually negotiate a high percentage of FREE spots to compliment those that you paid for.</font>
The key to advertising on TV is viewership ratings. Don't assume that if it is HGTV that they are going to spend more on framing, there may be some dreamers watching.

Figure out what demographic you are wanting to reach and then work with your rep to see whatthey are watching. You may hate the show MONK (USA, great ratings)but many of your potential customers may be watching it and could care less about the homes on HGTV.

Don't get me wrong, I have advertised on HGTV but not as much as I thought I would once i saw ratings and demographics.

As John mentioned, commit to a program and you will see benefits like free air time, there have been months where I get more free time than the time I paid for.
The one thing about HGTV and the rest of the home improvement channels and shows is that they never promote artwork or framing at all. All the shows are always either having the designer slopping some swatch of colors on some MDF board and call it art. I have never seen any show even bring up custom framing at all. The designers on the shows are promoting thier trade and not framing. Interior designers don't like framers and artists much. We take too big a bit of the overall budget of the client.

May I suggest doing a sale on all golf prints and run ads during the majors. The Master, Player's Championship, British Open, etc.
If there is any group of people who like to blow money, it's golfers.
Golf is not a sport, it is a lifestyle.
Anyway, just offering something from left field. Just a thought. later.
Thank you everyone, I appreciate the responses.

For now I am thinking...

TLC HGTV Liftime