Turtle Shell


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Jul 2, 2004
Dana Point, California
Hello everyone -

I just received a turtle shell to be framed. It is 15.5" X 17" and fairly light in weight. I'm not sure the best way to mount this. Client want's to be able to remove it and is not concerned if any hardware is attached to it (which does concern me). The background is Bamboo Plywood. No glass or acrylic.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks to all.
is it sea turtle??? dont look too closely but that may be an outlawed/illicit turtle shell??? coming into miami from bahamas you will be relieved of even a ladies baret/hair comb if it is seen/declared. perhaps this is akin to the ivory tusk/whale tooth situation...if they are old enough and can be verified you can keep it, else you could well get into some difficluty. Bill Ward, FL
It is a sea turtle. Brought back from Tavarua, Fiji. It seems my client would of had a hard time hiding it from customs if it is illegal.
We lived on Midway Island back in the mid 60's when it was a US Navy base, when it was legal to have turtle shells, my dad polished that shell (it was huge) and it made a beautiful wall hanging. He didn't frame it, he just put some hardware on the back of the shell and hung it on the wall. he decided he didn't want it anymore, as they moved into a retirement village, so he donated it back to Midway Island, where there is a big resort there now. So the shell made its way back home.
I know I got off the track,

You better find out if its legal for you to handle this, you don't want to get into trouble for helping out a smuggler....

but if you have to frame it, I would make it rustic and natural to stay in that oceanic theme.

good luck!
I would use bent brass rods with matte black shrink tubing on the exposed parts of the rods.
It looks very nice when done.
Check the archives for specifics or email me.
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I made a hanger for a sea turtle shell once upon a time. The shell was from the 1700's and had been bleached with every one of the facets of the shell having a different scene scrimshawed into it. The piece was purchased through a nautical auction house and was legal.
The shell had an inner lip and I fashioned an "H" shaped frame that fit inside the shell and fitted under the lip. I cut a slot in the crossbar of the "H" where the fastening screw fit through and slid the perpendicular out the crossbar to snuggly fit the frame. The contact points had been shaped to fit the profile of the shell and padded. No pressure was put on the shell. A wire loop was used to hang the shell on the wall, but I would think some form of cleat hanger would be appropriate for your design. I would make sure the frame is securely mounted to the wall.