Trying to figure out photo posting for the converted chopper!

Jim Sampson

True Grumbler
Mar 30, 2005
green bay wi
Hope this works !!
Jim, I think I brought your picture up on your Morso thread....with possible explanation.
It works now Jim, it links you to the picture. If you want to show the picture in the thread just use the "image" field instead of the URL one.
Okay, so now how did you convert that monster? Didn't you say something about it being welded in conversion the first time?
Jim, instead of using the URL of the page that contains the photo, right-click on the image itself (on that page.) From the window that pops up, choose "Properties." In the next window that pops up, highlight the entire URL adddress and either use ctrl-c or right-click/copy to copy the address to your clipboard. This will be the IMAGE url, which is what you want.

Then use the IMAGE instant UBB CODE from the full reply form here and paste that image URL from the clipboard (using ctrl-V or right-click/paste) and you're good-to-go.


The Cheeseheads have to stick together here, you know, or the North Carolinans will take over. Nobody wants that.

If you want to see what the code looks like, click on the quotation marks above this post. Those MSN Communities URLs look like Wisconsin drivers' license numbers.

Thank you to Ron Eggers and EMIBUB for helping a computer dunce figure out photo posting !
Also, thank you to Alex, a Grumbler, who has one of these machines and helped me restore it. Thank you to Jill @ Tech mark, who was a big help, and, BTW, is a big fan of TG!
AH HA!!!

Now why in the world???

Somebody needs to shorten that head advancement handle before they get hurt bad. Makes sense on the wall, but at that level...
I'd also be worried about the chopper head slamming into your stomache if your foot slipped! And... how do you get the cut piece out? Seems like a solution without a real problem.