Trying to decide on a V-Nailer


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I'm trying to decide between an ITW VN-42 and a Cassese 299 to replace my Cassese 810. I would welcome comments especially from anyone who has experience of both.

I spent $4,000.00 on a Cassese 299 to replace my Cassese 810 a couple of years ago. What a disaster, the 299 was broken down just about the entire time we had it. We had new parts on order after almost every use. We talked to Active Sales, Cassese main headquarters in France, Active sent a repair man down, all to no avail.

We ended up selling it back to the people we bought it from after a year for $1,000.00 less than we paid for it. All the Cassese 299 will do is waste your time and floor space. V mailers are not supposed to break down constantly, stay away from Cassese's new line-up, it is junk.

Keep your 810, Cassese actually did, at one time make one of the best V nailers you can get, the 810 is one of them. After all we went through, we are still using the twenty five year old 810.

If that is not an option, go with ANYTHING, except new model Cassese machines, you will not regret it.

I've never owned a Cassese, but had a VN-42 for about 7 years, after owning a VN2+1 for about 9 years before that.

The VN-42 is a good v-nailer, but last year I replaced mine with a Fletcher 5700. Why aren't you considering that model?

The Fletcher is the only v-nailer of its kind with two vertical clamps, and it has more pneumatic features than any of the others. Like the Vn-42, it is made in Italy and even looks somewhat similar in size and shape, but costs less.
I decided on a Fletcher 5600 last month and I am happy I did. Fantastic features, lower cost, and works great! I am certainly happy with my purchase.