tru vue uv glass


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Sep 11, 2003
new england
Latly we have been getting alot of flaws in our uv glass. Has anyone else been having this problem? We've been returning cases to our suppliers (4 so far)but it is the lost time that really kills. What do you all let go? What or how much do you retun?
I get mine from LJ. Don't know that that makes any difference.

Mine has been just fine.

What flaws are you talking about, bubbles, scratches, or?

I sometimes get suede mats and others that look like someone beat the heck out of them. and yes, the vendor is very good at replacing them but one wonders how they every got out the door. Glass is a lot harder for the vendor to QC.

I feel your pain.
I was getting from LJ mostly, but have switched to Don Mar recently because of their 59.50/case special. I had a spell in the early fall where I had a series of lites that had the small bubbles and didn't cut well. Actually ran off the score. I was lucky enough to catch the flaws and cut around them without too much trouble. It stopped though.

We had a Guardian glass engineer come out and do a presentation last year at the NE PPFA chapter meeting. It is easy to see how the slightest variance in temp or "speed" can cause problems that would not be detected. If such happened I could see having a "production run" with problems that might go undetected for a little while.

You might try switching distributors for a little bit until the "bad inventory" flushes out of the one you are using.
It's all of the above...
scratches, pits, bubbles, debris, flaws in the coating, stray ink jet ink (this one is minor I'll admit, we can fix that). It's not so much that the glass is flawed, there's always an up comming piece thats smaller. It's the time and frustration. We do high-end framing and everything leaves here 100% literally. To spend 1-2 min. pulling and cutting glass, 2-3 min. cleaning and dusting glass and art, 4-5 min inspecting art with the glass on to finnally see the hair line scratch (perpendicular to the case direction) or the metal flake in the glass (that can only be seen from the front at an angle) thats 7-10 min per piece. 10 times a week...who's going to give me the 2 hours back?
Glass regardless of its nature or type will have some flaws from time to time there is nothing the producers can do about that it’s a fact of life unless you want to pay a premium for glass that has been inspected inch by inch and anyone who tries to tell you differently is not living in the real world…….surely you have glass flaws like this factored into your waste (time and materials waste)….
I received a box of 32 x 40 TV CC in the fall that was totally different from any other box of TV I have ever gotten.

It was very yellow in color, scored like the filter was on both sides, sratched on both sides, there was no writing on the glass, the box (which was a TV box) didn't have the code number anywhere on it, and the surface of both sides had an obvious "wave orange peel" pattern to it. The yellow color changed the color of the framed art.Four out of six lites were like this, the other two lites were the "normal" TV product.

I asked TV if they had changed their glass. Nope. They doubted that what I had was TV glass, but was some other company. Why some other company would go to the trouble and expense of loading their glass into a TV box is beyond me. I ordered TV, the invoice said TV, the box said TV.

Haven't received another box like this one.
I hung onto a chunk of the glass and the TV box for a long time, since it was such an odd occurrence. I thought that if others encountered it, too, TV might be curious enough to investigate. Since I have never heard of any one else encountering the same thing, I guess it was a "once in a blue moon" thing.

And, yes, recent boxes of both CC and PC have had more bubbles and poorly cut edges than boxes that I received a while ago. Tends to go in cycles.
I've never had any problems with TV CC. We use it just about exclusively; we were using Inspiration UV (Guardian, I believe), and every box I ordered was unsatisfactory--miniscule bubbles, which weren't noticable until you peeled the blue film off, and on the lites that had no bubbles, they instead had this sort of noticable rainbow effect. A big disappointment after being sold on this by an enthusiastic saleswoman. Too bad, as it didn't have that orange-peel effect that TV CC has. Now that waterwhite Denglass and museum glass has come down in price, those have been my favorite so far.
negavert, There are threads on glass visuals in the archives, but the visuals you are talking about are a side effect of the UV application process used.

- TruVue CC is rolled so you get the "Orange Peel" [an artifact of the rollers]
- Guardian (Inspiration/Artist's Choice) is sprayed so you get the rainbow [because the spray doesn't go on perfectly even]
- Denglas UV Clear is dipped (I haven't seen any side effect yet, and they harden the coating, so it doesn't scratch as easy.) This is not Water White and sells at some distributors for about the same price as the other two.

The other issue is thickness ...