Tru Vue Acrylite


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 15, 1999
Winter Park, Florida
Any one used any of these new Tru Vue Acrylic products yet?

From the information I received the boxed 32 x 40 size is only .090 thickness. This seems a little thin to me. Doesn't this bow in the frame at this size??

I am use to using 0.118 acrylic.

Other than the thickness issue any other problems??
It's the same stuff that Cyro sells. Tru Vue and Cyro have come together to sell this, under the premise that Tru Vue has a better distribution system.

I also typically use .118, but have used .090 in even larger sizes than 32x40 without much problem.
Are you sure it's the same?

I have always ordered my Cyro through a plastics dealer - P99, OP3, everything. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw that my local Tru-Vue supplier showed Cyro, cut to size.

I called, and lo and behold, it cost less than the plastics supplier! I tried a couple of pieces, but they sure looked and felt thinner. I think I'm going back to the plastics people.

Betty, you probably can get .118 and .09 thickness from you local plastics supplier.

Also what I think is crazy is the difference in prices between suppliers. I have one vendor selling the Conservation Clear Acrylite 32 x 40 box for 69.50 and another (biggie) is 119.25.