Trouble with Acrobat


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Jul 11, 2001
Wautoma, WI USA
This is a bit complicated. I am having trouble with 2 different computers involving Adobe Acrobat.

Problem #1: We had an external hard drive attach to our Dell die a few weeks ago. Ever since them Adobe Acrobat 7.0 won't run. We need it to turn a newsletter into a PDF. When we start the computer, windows installer starts, searchs, then the following error message pops up:error 1327-invalid drive G. We get the same error message when we try to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 7.0 so we can reinstall it and if we try to run it. I'm not sure why since it was never on the dead G drive to start with. Can't figure out how to uninstall the G drive. The computer control panel for XP doesn't seem to have that option. We did unplug it though.

Problem #2: This one started as a result of #1. In order to get the newsletter out, my husband installed Adobe Acrobat 7 on my computer. It started having issues with Outlook and with how fast pdfs would, open so I uninstalled it figuring I still had my older version of Acrobat reader to open pdfs with. If he needs to make a pdf, we'll have to get it back on the Dell somehow. However, when I tried to open a pdf the computer told me there was no program associated with this file type. I got that fixed under file types but now it tells me that the computer is out of memory or system resources. I can save the file, open Acrobat, and open the file directly in it I just can't click on a file and have it open on it's own. :confused:
Sounds like you had all or part the program installed on the external drive (not a good idea, btw). You might want to contact adobe for help. I don't know how to fix this outside of hacking in the registry and deleteing acrobat hives which I would not recommend unless you are familiar with it. You could hose the whole system.

You could trick the computer into thinking it has a g drive. It won't find the files, but may trick the uninstaller into completeing. Make a folder called gdrive in the root of c: drive. Open "Run" in the start menu and type: subst g: c:\gdrive
You should now hav a "G" drive.

I don't know how your creating your newsletter, but if your not using advanced features of the adobe package, you can get "cutepdf" for free. It acts like another printer on your system. You can print pdfs from any program using it. Did I mention it was free?
Acrobat 7 was installed on the Dell before we got the G drive. It was a very short lived external hard drive. The computer has it listed as being on the C drive but every time you try to do anything with it, it keeps trying to go to the G drive.

One thing I don't understand is why on my computer with 2000pro I can uninstall hardware but on the Dell with XPpro that doesn't seem to be an option.
Acrobat 7 drove me batty for a while with a network drive which needed to be on for it to work, although this was a main data area that it would have accessed often. I think it's just overly nosey!

Are you aware that there was a security patch released for the CS2 suite which deals with such connections? If Acrobat was a part of the suite then perhaps this would fix it for you and would be worth trying first, it should find it with the auto updater but you could also try the website.

Personally I un/reinstalled which solved the problem but yours sounds a little different.

Try going to Admin tools (from control panel) - Computer Management - Removable storage and checking to see if it is still listed.
Well it wasn't bundled with CS2 but we do have CS2 on the Dell. I'll look into the security patch update.

If only I could uninstall/reinstall it! :rolleyes: It just won't let me! As soon as you click the uninstall button or put the disk in, the above error message pops up and the whole process quits.

For now we installed it on our home computer. The internet connection is really slow there so it's going to take a looooong time to send this newsletter out! The newletter is for one of the professional groups we belong to so it isn't something that can wait. We have to get the info for the next meeting to everyone in a timely manner.
Is it possible to reattach the drive for the time necessary to uninstall the application?

What format is the original in? Are you able to perhaps send it to a PDF printer?

Another option would be to import the file (or open it) into either Indy or Illy, with Illy you would be able to at least edit it then export a PDF. Using Indy may allow you to create a smaller file although editing is not so easy as it will probalby raster the import.

If need be you can email the file to me to convert to something that will work for you to make your edits upon.
Also, using the Acrobat distiller may help to resolve the problem with your newsletter.