Tradeshow and Lake Cruise


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 6, 2001
Montana ( A Tourist runs through it )
I know Rick has already posted this but...
Those of you in the west/northwest might want to come to the Northern Rockies Tradeshow.
The show is in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho ( a beautiful resort area) :cool:
Looks like a fun show at a beautiful time of year. A nice getaway for you with education and new tradeshow goodies.

Check it out.


other activities / 8th and 10th

FACTS/ with Nona Powers

Color Design lecture and workshop/Nona Powers

Maximizing the Profit in Your Picture Creating retail Excitement with visual merchandising , strip lining canvas and fabric art / Rob Markoff

Framing Software/ Olivia Shaw

call: Rick Bergeron, 208-676-1330

TNX for the refresher.

Another important element....

The 2 hour lake cruise is FREE for all who attend the tradeshow and banquet. I have options to increase the cruise boat size up to 600 passengers if needed.

The education is FREE to all who register for the show, banquet and education in the form of rebates to tradeshow vendors.... good for 60 days. You must pay in advance and the rebates coupons will be mailed following the show.
The forecast for Saturday is intermittent rain showers (translation = rain
all day)
The forecast for Sunday morning is partly cloudy w/chance of rain.
(translation = hopefully accurate.

Some vendor specials are almost too good to be true, but you must be present
to take advantage. For competitive reasons, I've been asked not to
pre-publish the list.

There are over 20 pre-registrations for Nona's and Rob's classes; which is
above average for educational registrations. The vendors have completely
filled the tradeshow area and a couple are out in the corridor.

Alice Gibson is here to take pictures and get info for future PPFA articles
in the FMO (For Members Only) magazine.

Fran Gray is here from the PPFA Board of Directors.

The Chapter level print competition will be judged tomorrow afternoon, with
the winners being eligable to submit their entry to the national competition
in Orlando next year.

We look forward to seeing everyone this evening at the social, tomorrow at
the show and on Sunday onboard the Motor Vessel Spirit.

Derek Vandeberg - Pres
Rick Bergeron - VP
Suzan Sullivan - Sec/Treas