trade show display lighting


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Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Due to strict regulations from a trade show we're looking to do early this coming year, it looks like we may need to purchase new lighting...

I've searched on line and so far, haven't found the mother lode. Ideally, I'd like to stay away from the obvious - the trade show display companies - as their prices always seem to be artificially inflated.

We're looking for some kind of clamp-on lamp (min 100 watts) with a flexible arm; the lamp, itself, must be covered for this show (no bare bulbs exposed).

We're probably going to need 15 - 20 lights and, as our present lighting is quite adequate for our needs, I didn't want to spend too much for this single show.

Thanks, in advance, anyone and ev1!
Don't know much about trade show lighting but you might try a bigbox (bad word I know) hardware store such as Lowe's. The one in our area has a huge lighting section.
Believe it or not, I saw some very nice and substantial looking clamp-on gooseneck lamps at K-Mart recently. They might be labeled Martha Stewart Everyday but don't let that put you off.
You might also check with Outwater Plastics at

:cool: Rick
I haven't ventured out yet to fight the Christmas shopping onslaught but, as I've yet to find what I'm looking for on line, will have to brave the crowds sooner or later.

Thank you both for the recommendations. (I've sent for the Outwater catalogue, too ... lots of neat stuff in there!)
You might check out

They carry many lines one of which I'm familiar with and use to sell...LUXO...great quality, but realitively high priced. There are many cheap imitations out there of their line, but you get what you pay for.

Dave Makielski
contact Creative Color in tampa,fl..they have some killer knockdown/foldup displays and might be able to fix-u-up