Tool time!! Using a laser level...


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Jun 13, 2002
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"Close the barn door after the horse gets out" - I just finished hanging numerous pieces of artwork for a commercial project. Most were in areas that were alone so I did not have to line them up to one another. With the exception of a series of pieces that did need to be lined up... and I thought I had my measuring routine pretty streamlined... but found I had to make numerous adjustments. I really think the floor was sloped :)

My question is which laser level would you recommend or have you used to help in the hanging process? Or what hardware method?



PS for future use!!
If you buy one make sure that it shoots the horizontal beam 7 or 8 feet high. I bought one that came with a short tripod that would only allow the laser beam 5 feet off the floor. I find it easier to work and measure from the top down.

I guess I'm just old fashioned. I just use a string and a couple of nails or screws. Most of the time I don't bother though. I'm not sure if a laser level would be as accurate or as fast to set up.
I have a level made by Empire called a SpeedLevel that has inch markings on it that allows me to run a level line and mark my locations at the same time. For 3-4 pieces that's as fast as anything. Oh, one thing that really speeds me up when doing a grouping of same size pieces is to make sure the wires are exactly the same on all the pieces. Even if it means adjusting a few (sometimes just pulling on the wire stretches it enough). That way I can mark just the hook locations. Same with security installs, I mark the hardware height not the top of the picture height.

I guess when doing those 3 x 3 or more groupings that are popular these days a laser would be helpful. I would want one that stuck to the wall somehow, was self leveling and accurate to within 1/8" at 12 feet at least. Hmmm, I have an urge to buy a new tool....
Use a Deca that screws to my tri-pod for large jobs...

(nobody in their right mind would spend the $856 now a days....)

small jobs, trust your eye. Use to hooks and work it.

Hey Frank, good to see you back.
I have a laser level (gift from employee), but have not used it yet! Came from Home Depot - approx $40 value. I have found that measuring twice and checking the measurement of the hanging wires and adjusting for the descrepancy, works well. I just finished a hanging of a customers preframed botanicals, and each "string" hanger was a different length! Everything came out on the mark! Thats that funky preframed art that Interior designers use instead of original art or having prints framed specific for the job.

have fun