Too Heavy for WallBuddies?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dec 4, 2001
Torrington, Connecticut, USA
I received a call asking me if I'd hang a very large oil painting for this customer. She said it is around 100lbs. approximately 55"x72" with a huge frame.

She said it came with D-rings attached. My question is this beyond the limits of what wallbuddies were designed to handle?


I'd be inclined to upgrade to a cleat style of hanging system. Z-bar or something like it. It's probably not the Wallbuddy that would be the weakest link, but the hook or screw in the drywall. The cleat hanger spreads the weight over a greater area and chances are pretty good you can get a couple of screws in the wood or steel framing behind the drywall.
We just had two large oils (78 x 96 & 66 x 106) that we framed installed at a hospital and went with the z-bar. Helps with the insomnia.
I've seen specs (don't remember where) for Wall-Buddies that say 100 pounds max and 60 pounds max in drywall. I don't think I would risk being right at the limit.

Pat :D
Either PanelClip or Z-Bar would be my choice. Take a stud finder with you so you can screw the cleat to the studs. Also a straight edge (a 4' level works) so you can check for any large "bows" or lumps in the wall. The metal cleats hook together best when they are straight to each other. In other words if the cleat on the wall bows out too much the cleat on the frame won't hook to it . They make special shims for this but shims made out of matboard will work just fine. Screw your cleat to the "high" studs and slip your shims behind the cleat to fill the gaps over the "low" studs before screwing it tight.
Good luck!