To Strech an Old Canvas


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 3, 2004
Santa Fe
I have to strech this really old Eastern European canvas, with heavy cracking on the paint. It seems to me that everytime I touch this thing the paint cracks even more. Is there a way to do this safer? Thanks!
Honestly, I would send it to a conservator, way too much that could happen that would require expert attention. We can't do everything.
I second Kathy's advice. Call a conservator. If you try to work with a painting that cracks so easily, you could do irreparable damage.

At best, further damage would only make conservation treatment more difficult & costly.

For a fragile painting such as you describe, I would propose conservation treatment as being necessary, not optional.
I've a conservator list, printed it out, and gave it back to the customer alone with the old canvas. Thaiy actually thanked me for being honest. I guess loosing a $50 strech job is better than dealing with a lawsuit or insurance agent.