Timeclock Software


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 19, 2002
Anyone here use timeclock software? What do you use and do you like it? Thanks
How many employees?

Do you use a (real and actual) time clock now, or just time cards filled in by the employees?

We tried switching to a 'puter time clock system. Y'know, where the employee gets a credit card looking thing.

Returned it: P.O.J.
7 employees, right now we are having them fill out a time sheet on their own. Starting to have problems and my employees want a time clock. i know that there are some different types of software that can be used as a time clock and wonder if anyone uses them.

I have FulCalc but honestly I would not trust it and my employees would not trust it so I want to get something that we all can trust yet is easy to use. Not to mention not much investment.
I have been using the FullCalc timeclock for about three years. The only problem I have is employees forgetting to clock in and out, which is just human nature. Why spend the money on new software when you already have what you need?
Get a real time clock and a box of cards. (more than you think you will ever go through). And one of those wall sorter card holder thingys.

Forget the 'puter.