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Jul 16, 2002
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Have a customer who is a personal friend of an NBA star. Anyway I'm framing several of his jerseys. The last one he wanted the VIP pass attached to the shirt. No problem I sewed it since it was worn around your neck. Now he has one he wants the same thing done but attaching his tickets to the All star game. Any ideas on how to attach the tickets without ruining the shirt. I don't like velcro because it will damage the shirt. :rolleyes:
Yup. Sew 'em ............ sort of. :eek:

You can sew a piece of foamcore through the shirt and backing board first. Then attach the tickets to a piece of appropriate matboard with mylar corners. Lastly, use adhesive to attach the matboard to the foamcore floater.

Framerguy stole my answer..... just like school.

I did something very similar with an antique lace doylie/ doily / you know what I mean, and put a photo from 1938 in the middle of it sewing a piece of acid free mat smaller than the photo in the middle of the lace and then siliconed the mat to the backing of the photo (NOT THE PHOTO ITSELF SO STOP TYPING)

It came out great and all surfaces were preserved for future framing.
You probably already know how to do this... but I am new and this forum and this will be my first post, I don't know anyone on here and what the tipical post is suposed to be like so sorry if I over explain.
In addition to Framerguy's idea, you can also get a piece of AF foam core just a bit smaller than the tickets, make a clear film (mylar) wrap around the tickets with a slot through the flim on the back and then put a clear film strap that goes through the slot and then through slots in the foam core, then you can secure the straps on the back of the foam core with Jalar, then take a piece of rag board and secure it to the back of the foam core and then carefully sew it down by lifting up the unattached ends of the tickets to get to the FCore when you are sewing. It should be pretty sturdy that way.
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... but I am new and this forum and this will be my first post, I don't know anyone on here ...
Ha! Think again!
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Thank you for the ideas. I'm no longer dreading this one.
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Ha! Think again!
Big Welcome from PB....

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AWise... glad you feel better about the project, I just finished sewing a signed Cardinals jersey down today, but I didn't have to add anything else except for a raised engraving on a mat board. It turned out really well, I can't wait till the customer sees it.