Thumbnail large frame or order chop and join?

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
We're doing several large pieces--about 40 x 60 -- calling for LJ's Isabella--893504 around a 5" width. It's just going on a piece with no matting and UV Plexi soit won't be really heavy, except for the weight of the frame.

Here's the question: order this as a thumbnail or chop and join? Have heard the wedges aren't really that solid of a join so curious what everyone recommends. Do NOT want to do this in house because of size of moulding and length
do you get delivery from LJ?? I would let them join- my rep had a special on joins being the same price as chop. If its not a good join,they eat it :D

sorry LJ - I do appreciate everything you do! This note is f/Gary if he's reading!!

my 2 cents

****. The best way to do that one is to cut and join it yourself. The money you would save ordering that in length would be worth the hassle.
If I were going to order that size frame chopped, I would get them to join it as well.

There should be no issue with the fasteners...I use something similar all the time with great results, but I have had issues with chops that have remained unjoined for any length of time...especially large profiles.
You don't have a V-nailer Mike? I sell quite of bit of that profile and cut and join it myself all the time.

It is expensive scrap to throw away so if you sell very little I would buy it chopped.

If you have a thumb nailer only, I would pay LJ to join it as well. It is a heavy piece of wood.
I've had Thumbnails break after a time - three corners on one frame, in one case.

That was enough for me. Chop-and-join looks good with free delivery.
My vises only take about 4-1/4” width mouldings, so when I have such a meg-frame, I bite the bullet and have them cut and join for me. And, for me, length is not an option for those widths, either. I cannot open my Morso that wide and my saw won’t cut those widths well enough for my satisfaction.

C&J eats into the profits a little, but lousing up my own joins will eliminate any profits altogether.

I don’t trust thumb nails, period!
Lets cut to the chase.... C&J is still going to be a better profit margin than CC.

But there isn't more than a few of you that wouldn't salivate at the chance to sell CCs.

Why would this be any different?

Congrats on a great order Mike, that causes you this delema
I wouldn't mess around with it and would order it joined. This is a 5" moulding and wouldn't fit in my being 40X60 makes this frame quite heavy. Unless you're well set up to handle this wide of moulding and a frame this large, you are better off avoiding the interuption of other work.

Talk to your rep...multiple frames...possibly a free join might be offered.

Dave Makielski