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This shouldn't be so hard.....


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
In 30 minutes I am closing my store for my first vacation in 4.5 years. I have been counting the minutes and yet all day I have been filled with anxiety. As the time comes closer I swear I am having a small anxiety attack. Can I really close this place for 8 days?

I've warned people who have placed orders, I've busted my butt rushing through a boatload of stuff just to clear my conscience. The bills are paid, the mail has been stopped, there's a nice sign on the door and a new message on the answering machine. Did I mention the bills are paid?

Apparently after 4.5 years of no more than 2 days in a row away from here I cannot "stand down". This place is with me 24/7, I don't even try to shake it any longer. This place has consumed me. I'd like to say it was a consuming passion but in reality it has been a consuming battle to survive as most of you know.

I know it is unhealthy, I know you do need time away to recharge your batteries. I have lots of plans for my time off. Only going away for 3 days but I will be happy to just sit and stare into space for a couple days too.

My plan is to take this time to catch up on my life and just clear my head and of course an antique road trip for a few days. Then I want to come back here refreshed and ready to take on whatever lies ahead. I will either be recharged for the battle or with some time away maybe ready to pull the plug.

But, first, I have to get out the door and drive away......I think it will probably take at least 2 days to decompress.....oh well, that still leaves me 6.
Good for you Kathy...get outta there now! Of all the framers on this forum, you deserve a break IMHO! Have a great time and try to relax and not worry about the shop.

Have a GREAT vacation, Kathy! It sounds like you've done everything you could to prepare for your time away from your framing shop, so try not to worry and enjoy your time off. :D
Dang it Kathy, quit yer whinin' and lock the bloody door!!!

You need to pull YOUR plug NOW and focus on anything, ANYTHING but the business for a few days.

You never write, you never call and now I am suddenly hit with a double whammy!! Your gorgeous portrait plastered all over my monitor AND an unsolicited phone call (probably looking for some advice on where to spend your vacation!!) and this is all very difficult for me to consume in one sitting!! :eek:

Pity??? I have no stinking pity!!!

If you can't lock up and walk away to a week of relaxation and absolute fun and fantasy then spend it stewing about whether you turned off the vacuum press or turned down the A/C or finished that last shadowbox that you were putting off for so long (AHA, ya forgot about THAT one didn't you??)
or left a note for the LJ rep so he wouldn't skip you for the next 6 months.

So there you are! And I hope you have an absolutely marvelous time next week whether you like it or not!! :cool:

Kathy, I know exactly how you feel! I couldn't even take a week off, in the hospital last month, without worrying. Everyone said "pretend it's a mini-vacation (yeah, hospital, surgery, vacation...right!) I even called in my Larson order from the hospital bed because I hadn't had time to show anyone else how to do it and couldn't skip it! I was back in the shop a week after my hip replacement....we're possessed, I tell ya!

I'm facing the 2nd surgery week after next, and I'm working myself silly now trying to "get ready" to be gone again. It ain't gonna happen! (being ready, that is) What's with us, anyway?? It isn't just business survival, is it? :confused:

My compassionate counseling services are available to one and all and my rates are very competitive!
You can already SEE what effects they have had on Kathy, she is so well into her vacation that she isn't even responding to her framing friends!!

(Man, I am sooooooooooo good at this counseling stuff!!!)


(No wait, that was for vacations.)

Uh, let me know if you are interested in further sessions and we'll work you in somehow. Call my secretary, Flo, and she will pencil your name in early some morning, OK??

And remember, "A day without counseling is like a day picking up cans along the side of a highway."

Kathy- Even Josh Lyman on West Wing left for a vacation last week. Enjoy yourself- you'll come back refreshed and ready to go, and your customers will be happy to hear your vacation stories. So, where ya going?
:cool: Rick
P.S. We wanna see pictures.
FG....ahhhh, thanks, I feel better now. The check's in the mail.

Kathy, by the time I write this, you'll be on your way, but I'm sure you'll find a way to get to a 'puter and check in (we know this!)

So (I'm telling me this while I say it to you!)...Relax! Enjoy! You'll feel better! Ya can't take care of your business if you don't take care of yourself! We'll keep telling ourselves this, like a mantra, and soon we'll believe it!

See how much Framerguy's counseling session helped??
I got out the door just fine, the first day went well, but, I did attend an openhouse a moulding company put on today, so I guess that doesn't really count. Plus, I realized tonight I did not gather my weekly deposit of checks so, I have to stop in to the store tomorrow morning.

I spoke with another shop owner at the open house today who told me she just took her first week off in three years. She said it spooked her too. She was afraid she would not want to go back. I have to say I am feeling some of that too. Once the pressure is off it will give me time to think.....

I just know I have attached myself to this place waaaay too much. I think whether you are successful or not you really are married to your business 24/7. Somebody has to worry about it.

I'm so looking forward to the week, I don't know where to begin.....
When you get back, walk in the front and remind yourself that "this is my store, it exists because of me" and look with fresh eyes upon everything that is visible to your customers. If it's messy, tidy it, if it's not simple, simplify it. The more relaxed you is what started this whole deal, there must have been a few things that have got out of control and need that relaxed you back to correct them.
:eek: :eek: You've got that right Lance. I'm gonna enjoy my time off and hopefully go back with guns blazing. Or at least franticaly waving a couple sparklers..........