This month's PPFA "For Members Only"

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA
Still don't know why I get this thin 6 pager, and then a nice PMA glossy Mag with an also thin PPFA section.

But that's now why I'm posting.

Did anybody else notice the names and addresses of the new CPF's?

Michaels can now say framing services are implemented by directed by CPF's.

I guess it does an end run around having to have all the stores join the PPFA.
Can they buy a FramerSelect window sticker?
Originally posted by Marc Lizer:
Did anybody else notice the names and addresses of the new CPF's?
Actually, I did. We normally send out a congratulatory letter (and catalog!) to all new CPFs. Since there were no company names for a bunch (all at the same address) we did a little research and came up with the same answer.
No they can't Less, uh, Bonehead. FS is for independent shops only.
Maybe Less was putting his sticker up for auction...
Hey Marc-It's not like they aren't trying to keep in contact with membership.

I have had a few (really,only a couple of people) tell me how insignificant they feel the insert is compared to overall magazine(which I do read thoroughly-some times those Photo guys have some really good ideas).

So, here is the challenge: Alice Gibson would love nothing more than to have deskfull of stories, releases and ideas to select from every month. In truth, she works hard to fill 8 pages.

So, if we want more exposure, load her up. The more the better.

Remember, this is only a reflection of our part to the whole. If we want a larger slice, all we have to do is take the challenge
Maybe I am just having a very blond day, but could someone explain the significance of this post.
As I read the rules what ever the CPF designation can only belong to a person not a store. Also non-PPFA members are welcome to take the test at a higher fee.
As our industry's best interest is served by all framers ,even Michaels framers, learning all they can and becoming CPF's. This can only make for a better educated framer and client in the long run.