This is SPINAL TAP . . . .

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA
OK folks,
Now for some fun for you day (or week, or year depending . . .).

A customer gave me a This is Spinal Tap poster to frame.

It is about 14 x 30.

Printed cheap poster material.

Signed by all three members of the "band."

Any suggestions on what to do to make this one extra special?

As for price: While I'd appreciate that you don't dream up something that is impossible to do and expect me to be albe to, price is not the issue. The customer is a Luthier down the street and I will be trading the framing for some work on my guitars.

So two things he said to keep in mind: (1)It is going in his showroom area, (2)and to make it look "SPINAL TAP."

I'll try and post a pic of the poster later.

What fun, Marc, I'd love to have a Spinal Tap poster. I'll have to give the framing some thought.
Marc, I did a frame once for this heavy metal queen chick, and it was a silver metal with a black leather strap glued to the outside edge. Into the strap I put 1/2" pyramid metal studs. It was totally awesome. This idea is yours if you want it.....
Any more ideas folks?


Other pic, different light.

Close up top half

Close up bottom half

Pix are now "uploaded" to get the ideas flowing.
For a frame I would definetly use Nielson profile 86 in either matte black or the matte black with the exposed metal edge (metalline finish).
Ok, I'll try to this one quick. I have a couple of ideas. I'll come back to it.

Ok, dry mount the poster on rag and trim to size, or leave a little black showing.
Mount that to a custom beveled mirror with only the bevels showing around the print. Float the assembly on a 3" black leather or suede board, maybe throwing some blue suede around the edges of this. (The bubble mats might be fun) Shadow box this assembly supported by strips of flat mirror, capped off with one of those large rusty-looking cross hatched Studio mouldings. Find a spine to mount on the left side of the mirror, a beer tap, or screw taps for the left, and Chinese dragon ornaments for the top and bottom. Maybe even throw in some faux or toy grave yard fencing.

I don't know anything about Spinal Tap, but it's a start.

Ok, got to go!
How did this end up? If I had noticed this topic when you originally posted I would have replied that you should canabalize some junked Marshall amps and add a few knobs to the package - with dials that are marked up tp 11.
As yet unframed.

Pie in the sky suggestions welcome.

My first instinct is to have a mini Stoneheege somehow adorn it.

Buy all ideas welcome.

Have fun!!!
As the album was black, I think that both the mats and frame should be black. I do like the idea of adding the Stonehenge on it somewhere. (It has to be small)

You might use a white pen, and add lines from the movie... "This one goes to 11.", "Big Bottoms...". And so on and so forth.

If needed I could go and watch the movie and get you some good ones. (Or get my album, and write down the lyrics)