This is a test

I guess it worked OK, Kathy.

And I've seen many 3 legged cats before but, how come his one tennis shoe doesn't match the other 2?

Framerguy, those of us of the curious persuasion want to know.
(Long high falutin' term for "nosy")
Tom we have been bumping into each other all day. Looks like we are the only ones with time to play! I was actually testing my linking ability. (Ron would be so proud) I couldn't figure out how to make the link words a different color so people would know it was a link. I put my funny on warped and you really can't see the different colors. You posted so I assume you saw the link????
The URL link doesn't always show up clearly as such, depending on the monitor. Also, it
is more obvious on some forums than on others. If you like your links underlined - as most of us do - you can add the HTML codes to the URL description to force the underlining. The codes are < U > at the beginning and < /U > at the end, but without spaces. I'm going to take the liberty of making this minor edit on Kathy's test post to show you how it works.

And Kathy, I AM proud of you.

THIS link showed up fine, it was in blue on my monitor. The link on the Twisted and Warped photo didn't show up at all and I never knew it was there until Sue May said something.

I thought you were starting another serial thread like we ran awhile back, the "It was a dark and stormy night" type of thing. That's the reason for the really peculiar reply I left on that thread. (I DO know the difference between a dog and a mouse!) But I wasn't too far off considering that I wasn't smart enough to find the photo first.

Does anybody know why the link isn't a differnt color on warped? I did the same thing here that I did there?