They need to be rigid...


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Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
I'm looking for a source of rigid print sleeves. They are actually to be used for a chain of grocery stores that want to display large 30X40ish jet prints suspended from free standing posts. Need 300 of them... the ones they use now appear to be heavy (.02) acetate and are fairly almost-stand-up-by-themselves strong. They are having difficulty finding other than portrait configuration open at the top. They need them to be open at the top in a landscape position.

Any help from my fellow Grumblers appreciated.

Dave Makielski

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Contact Hudson Poly Bag in Hudson Mass. They can make any bag size shape you need!
Their web site is Hudson Poly Bag and they gave me a great price quote on bags for my shop. Who knows maybe they can imprint your logo right on the bag for you!