They are haunting me........


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 7, 2002
Well, I was in pretty good shape for Christmas. I finished my last shadowbox (WWII medals with 9 openings) about noon on Christmas Eve. We had a couple of other pieces to finish and we were all set ...... that is...... until the phone rang at 2:00 p.m........Customer wants to pick up.....

Yup, sure enough, a customer that was promised an order for one had marked it for Christmas where we would be sure to see it. Of all things, it was a PUZZLE. So, J and I get the thing out quickly, assemble the frame, cut the mat, dry mount it (yes, it was in one piece :D :D :D and stayed that way this time).

Santa's elves finished in good time and all was well.