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They’re there …

Bill Henry-

Brussel Sprout Connoiseur
Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
In case you think that manufacturers and distributors are oblivious to our ramblings in our cozy little forum, think again. Just because they seldom contribute to our discussions, they are paying attention!

Several weeks ago, I posted a grumble about pressure sensitive poster hangers and got several responses from you guys. Last Saturday, I received a package from the Clearmount Corporation with a note saying they monitored the forum and, in the envelope, enclosed a few hangers. These hangers appear to be much sturdier than the ones with which I had the problems. Let me take the opportunity to publicly thank the folks at Clearmount.

Several months ago I chastised L-J for their out of date web site pricing page and the difficulties I had in translating it from PC-speak to Mac-lingo. I got a e-mail from a software vendor (sorry, I can’t remember which one) offering to supply the data.

Neither of these companies are seen responding to our posts. ... but they are listening.

Maybe The Grumble is a bit more influential than we think.
Most reps and vendor employees have a "gag order" not to post, but they keep up with the industry through this board.
If I were a vendor, I would find it pretty much impossible not to at least READ The Grumble just to see what framers are saying about my company.

I think TG has a huge influence on the vendors in our industry but limited influence on the vast majority of framers. It's their loss.

Since I joined TG, I've had visits from companies who never heard of me for my first 25 years of business. For the most part, it's nice being noticed.
I have been browsing TG for over three years (even though I haven't posted that many entries). It has been a great source of info for my company when deciding to bring on a new product and get info on our competitors products. Any distibutors/manufacturers that do not visit TG on a regular basis are truely missing out on one of the best tools of information this industry has.

Daniel Cochrane
Sales / Marketing Manager
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
If I were a vendor, I would find it pretty much impossible not to at least READ The Grumble just to see what framers are saying about my company.

I know I would also! There is a lot that can be gained from this place. Both from the framers point of view and the suppliers.
I believe they are at 800-541-5472 http://www.clearmountcorp.com/

The company is about 25 mins from us in Worcester, MA and their president is a regular visitor to the Grumble.
You know they're reading this & laughing right now.