These photos are not up to much ...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
These photos are not up to much ... but the mat shape is interesting!

My customer's Mom was a fashion designer long long long ago ... most of her work had been lost and the rest was damaged ... someone in the family had "saved" this particular drawing by cutting off parts of the paper where it had become mildewed (random bits all the way around) ... so it had VERY uneven margins! The only good bit was the drawing itself and the signature. So I cut a linen mat to conform to the shape of the drawing and added another opening for the signature.

Thought you might be interested; and thanks Mr. Wizard!

Again, the quality of the following photos is not very good, and the colors are off, but they serve to illustrate the job.


Andrew, I think you've done a terrific job
Makes me wish I had a CMC.
I've been using a Wizard at a frame shop I work part time at (I can't afford one in my shop) anyway the owner knows less about the Wizard then I do, so I've been learning as I go. I've seen things on the shape draw/trace feature but I can't find information in the booklet on how to use the feature. Can anyone tell me how to use this feature or where the directions are on how to do it? Is it a seperate manual? Thanks a bunch
There is an online manual. To locate the manual start PathTrace, then click on "Help".