Them darn cookies...


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Jul 10, 1999
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Jim Adler, before he passed, told me how to remove cookies from Windows 98. I now have Windows XP and of course it doesn't work the same way...anyone know how? now remember, I need 1) remove hands from pockets 2) turn on computer 3) go to "..." type instructions... thanks gurus!
I just found out about a program I downloaded for free called "adaware" that clears out stuff you pick up on the net (spys, cookies,) 1) Go online 2) search for "Lavasoft" web site. 3) Download Adaware program to your desktop 4) Get offline and doubleclick the icon that is newly located on your desktop. 5) Run program to find and clear out those little buggers! Good luck and Happy hunting. Mark :D
I do not knowing what brouser you are using; But, if it is I.E. it is easy.

1. Right click the icon with mouse.
2. select "properties"
3. select "delete temporary internet cookies"

I do not share the need or desire to delete "cookies".

They are extremely small bits of code which take up very little disk space. Most of them are benign - they simply help whatever site you are on to "recognize" you so, for example, if you order on Amazon, you don't have to retype your name, address, etc. each time. They do not store credit card information.

If you are concerned about privacy, cookies are too small to discern any significant piece of information about you.

BUT, any malevolent site can "ping" you and determine all kinds of information about you and your computer, even, in some cases, passwords. Deleting cookies won't prevent that. That's a horse of a different color.
I am no computer whiz for sure, but have had to learn WAY more than I wanted to to transfer files from the old shop computer to a new one. In doing so, I investigated cookies, settings, etc. I'm now running WinXP rather than 98SE. The old system let me see the cookies easily which had been planted, but not so the new system. However, I found them through a search. I was appalled to find that on January 7th, there were 132 cookies planted on the machine. Some of these were duplicates--how come?--and some were recognizable, but most not. Other days had similar numbers. It seems I should be concerned about this, and I am. I deleted the cookies from the TempInternetFiles and, of course, had to re-register for TG. Is there a way to keep the ones you want more permanently, and refuse to accept those you don't?
Ad-aware is fantabulous, but they haven't updated the reference file in ages. For a similar program that's been updated much more recently, try Search & Destroy:

You'll see how it picks up a bunch of stuff that Ad-aware missed.
MM, go to tools, internet options, privacy, run your slider up a notch and then you can edit. I'm not sure how it all works but give it a try and let the rest of us know. Or just set it higher and then you have to ok and on and on. Me, I'm just too trusting! :cool:
JP, I thought I'd done that. But I went back to IEOptions/Privacy, set the settings to the highest which blocks all cookies, then hit Advanced. This allows me to "customize" which I did. I will allow First Party cookies, and single session cookies, and will be prompted for all Third Party cookies. We'll see.

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I know NOTHING about computers, but, with the on-line MSN support, the assistant talked me thru deleting cookies on my XP, and I didn't have to re-register for anything.
I'm sure JPete is right, and has to do with security. I made sure I asked the MSN rep if I was going to have to reregister, and he assured me not. it turned out, I didn't. Thought that info might be helpful.
If you can puzzle through actually getting to talk to an MSN rep, it's easy. If, however, msn isn't your IP, I doubt you can do the on-line chat/help.