The world is full of virus


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Dec 11, 2001
Knoxville TN
Is it just I or is everyone getting at least five virus alerts daily? Ranging from Klee to DanicnBear or some such thing. Thankfully, my Norton is kept very busy updating things in the virus world. Just wondered if everyone else is being so plagued :mad: :eek:
In the last two weeks we've been hit a number of times and luckily the only one that got through Norton was a new varient of the klez. That day though Norton had a fix and we were able to repair everything. Keep vigilant and run live update daily until this thing subsides.
I get virus emails everyday. :mad:
I will NEVER open an email unless it has an opening letter in front of the download from someone I want to hear from.
No opening letter - say bye bye to your email!
This practice keeps Norton happy! :D
This problem seems to be linked to Hitchhikers. Someone on there became infected and it is spreading to other people. These viruses scan your inbox and send themselves out with bogus addresses.I have 3 levels of virus protection, all up to date, but it is still not catching all of them. I keep getting emails with attachments that appear to be from HH, however I know they are not since Merrill will not allow attachments.. I've taken to deleting all of them without opening them. I got 5 this morning that were not caught, plus two messages from my email provider that they had caught and destroyed 2 more before they reached me. :eek:
Some Grumblers have mentioned that they don't know if their virus software is working. McAfee has a procedure for testing and the same testfile should work for the other vendor's versions of virus detection. It won't help if the software is not updated frequently. Even with protection, we have a plan similar to Less's regarding emails with attachments.

Testing ActiveShield
To test ActiveShield:

Go to http:\\ <>.

Click the The AntiVirus testfile link.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Download, you will see four links.


If ActiveShield is working properly, it detects the file immediately after you click the link. You can try to delete or quarantine infected files to see how ActiveShield handles viruses. See "If ActiveShield Finds a Virus <c_viruses.htm>" for details.
If ActiveShield did not detect the file, click here <c_faqTestVSOFail.htm>.
I get about a half dozen per day also.. Rather annoying

Mine came from having my email address posted within a FORM on one of my client's web pages. A program "harvested" my address from the form and now I get a daily dose of viri. I re did the form(formmail) to hide the address, but the damage has already been done. It actually sends competitors email spoofed "from me" and me email spoofed "from them", and sends parts of the web page as subjects. (not the frame shop but another industry)

Norton works like a trooper and blocks em all.
One time a few years ago I got one in e-mail (I didn't open it). I'm on the HH and none of the current virus infested e-mail has made it past my ISP. I guess they're doing a good job. :cool: Not that I'll get rid of my virus scanner. :D
Originally posted by lessafinger:
I get virus emails everyday. :mad:
I will NEVER open an email unless it has an opening letter in front of the download from someone I want to hear from.
No opening letter - say bye bye to your email!
All of the suspicious emails that I have received (about 5 a day) that had attachments, had a genuine persons name, but the "from" field had an incorrect email address for that person.

If you compare the "from" email address with that persons correct email address in your address book, you have a darn good idea whether it is fair dinkum or not!

I got one today from another Aussie framer, but not his real email address and it said:

'Thanks for visiting PFM at'
then it had a whole heap of jibberish (and an attachment) so I deleted it.
If I don't know the person and his e-mail address, no matter what the subject line says, I delete it. I even delete friends mail if I don't like the attachment subject. . . like "This is and E-card", etc.

So far, I have not had a virus. This is why I hesitate to put an e-mail address on a forum profile. Most likely, unless the name and subject are really convincing, I will delete it anyway.

I would much rather get a private message.
Purple Person, how do you know when you've received a private message?

This all strikes me as ironic. Many individuals and agencies began using email as the preferred communication vehicle following the anthrax scare. Now, many of us are afraid to use email.

I heard the other day that the IRS now prefers to receive communications by fax or phone because of concerns with the mail.

Oddly enough, Hotmail seems well-suited for managing email, at lest in this respect. If you belong to a mailing list - like the PPFA HH - you can easily filter your mail so that variations of a correct return address will go to the junk folder. Periodically, I take a look at the junk folder and I can empty it with a single click. If something looks legit, I can see if there is an attachment and delete it, or examine it more carefully.

I'm sure other email clients can be set up this way, but it's a very simple process with Hotmail.

Be cautious and diligent, but don't let the virus scare interfere with the way you conduct your life or business. Some of the "precautions" we take remind me of folks who never leave the house for fear of catching some communicable illness.
Before, during, and after the current HH related virus problems, Norton has been telling me a klez virus is trying to enter the system. This happens almost daily, and many times there are several daily. I have not idea where this originates. If other HH's are getting it, I'd be interested to know that.

The subject line on these often indicate that I can expect something pornographic. I've never opened one so I don't know if it is just a lure, or for real.

John's mention of a the klez makes me wonder if we are all sending it around to one another. Even though Norton has always caught this, I'd like to have it stop if there is something I can do.
Mel: I have a friend who is a consultant about internet related issues. He recently told me that klez is an interesting worm because it does just as posted, attaches to your addresses in your address book, clones subjects and names, sends out seemingly harmless mail. Originally it was very difficult to detect because it would lay latent in your system and kick in at about 90 days after it hit. Both Norton and MacAfee have done a good job keeping up with the different flavors of this evil little booger. The problem is that if this is latent on your drive you can start it all over again just by touching an infected file. Our problem was we hooked up a laptop to our network that had been "out of service" for about six months. We touched an infected file and spread it all over. The lucky thing is we caught it immediately and by telling everyone "not" to mail anyone until we had done a kleze fix on their machine, we stopped it from spreading to our customers and vendors.
I've had a weird side effect to all this. I now have my emails scanned by my email provider before they get to me for viruses and they destroy any they find. However, for some reason, I started receiving all kinds of emails with attacthments that were from addresses that belonged to HH and HH type subjects. At the same time I stopped receiving any HH posts. After talking to Merrill and sending him a few of these, we determined that the attachments were actual HH posts. Some how when it goes through my email provider's virus scan, HH posts are turned into attachments. :confused: Now when I want to read anything on HH I have to open the attachment. :rolleyes: