the ultimate Image Perfect glass cleaner

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Jul 8, 2002
Peachland, BC Canada
Hands up anyone who's heart sinks whenever they see the dreaded "IP" circled on the work order! You're thinking: "Well, there goes at least an hour trying to clean all the streaks out of the wretched stuff."
I've tried everything...rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, Windex, Newman's Own oil and vinegar dressing...some with more success than others, but the ultimate cleaning solution was brought to my attention recently and it is no further away than your kitchen cupboard. You probably won't believe me, I didn't believe it myself until I actually tried it.
The miracle solution?? Peanut Butter! That's what I said...peanut butter. Just take one of your glass cleaning towels, smear a bit of peanut butter on it ( chunky or smooth...doesn't matter ) and spread it around, just like you're making a sandwich. Keep rubbing and polishing until there's no more p.b. residue and , voila, no more streaks. It looks better than when it came out of the box! But don't take my word for it, try it yourself. Get yourself a piece of scrap Image Perfect, pick your substance to destroy the glass... my personal favourite is the little bottle of IP "cleaner" that comes with the box, I have yet to find anything that does more damage to the finish of the glass...and smear away!
No longer do we have to keep our peanut butter sandwiches out of the workshop! If I ever come across a piece that peanut butter won't clean, I'm breaking open a jar of blackberry jam...

Welcome to The Grumble. You're absolutely right - I don't believe you. However, having long-ago removed any trace of Image Perfect from my glass inventory for precisely the reason you mentioned, I am unable to either confirm or disprove your claim. Therefore I am respectfully extending to you the benefit of the doubt.

I do have two questions, though. Under what possible circumstances did someone discover this miracle cleaner? And does peanut peanut meet the FACTS standards for C-P framing?

Actually I have a third related question that has troubled me for over 30 years. Who first discovered that either Adolph's Meat Tenderizer or human urine would lessen the pain of a jellyfish sting? (Martha Stewart, perhaps?)
Okay. I'll try it. I have plenty of scraps of the hellish stuff left. But it does seem to be easier to just use another brand of glass!
Good one Pete! I can just see framers all over the world making IP/PBJ sandwiches. Please make future posts to Warped. BTW, Welcome to the Grumble!
PS. I clean ALL of my glass with a 50/50 mixture of molasses and Dill Pickle juice. It really works!
Originally posted by MerpsMom:
Okay. I'll try it.
I was sure you were going to follow with, "We have a big problem with jellyfish in Leawood, Kansas."

I have no idea who first discovered the peanut butter miracle cure. I suspect, however, that it was a disgruntled employee at the IP headquarters who leaked the information that pb is the only thing that really works. The powers that be want us to keep using the vile little vials of official cleaner in hopes that we keep destroying more glass and have to buy more of it.
It really does work though...give it a try everyone...
Ron, I must be slowing down.
Actually, I was going to ask whether Skippy or Jif was the preferred brand, and also about disposing of the bits in the Extra Crunchy. Jif, I think, as the name implies better efficiency. Or you could just Skippy the whole idea.

But just as I tried to kiss my elbow, I may....

As the originator of this thread YOU (along with the moderator and administrator) have the option, if you so desired, of changing the topic title to something like "Peanut Butter and Jellyfish" by using the "edit" key.

Just a thought.

(I'm thinking that if Anne LeBouten tries this, it'll be with all-natural, homemade organic peanut butter. How 'bout it, Anne?)
Dang, I have peanut butter in the shop and no IP. I hate the stuff (the IP not the PB). It will never enter my frameshop as long as I have anything to say about it. Come to think of it I am working part time in the mornings at Michael's I wonder if they would think it strange if I pop open a jar of PB on their IP? Nah, what am I thinking? It's Michael's, they've encountered far worse than somebody smearing PB all over their IP. I'll report back.
We gave up using that crap (IP not PB) in our shop a long time ago.. if only we'd known about peanut butter!!!
Well Kathy, I'm definately trying out the theory on Thursday when I go to work. We still have a box of IP somewhere back there.
...But will the customers notice when go out to the sales counter smelling 'nutty'...? :rolleyes:
I guess I am concerned that this peanut butter idea is not a good one. The construction of image perfect is very tiny little tubes set next to each other. While short term peanut butter may effect a remedy over time you have filled those little tubes with an oily food residue that I think may cause problems as time goes on. Perhaps using the Tru Vue museum products is a better solution.
Originally posted by RonEggers:

Actually I have a third related question that has troubled me for over 30 years. Who first discovered that either Adolph's Meat Tenderizer or human urine would lessen the pain of a jellyfish sting? (Martha Stewart, perhaps?)
I believe it was Annie Sprinkle ;)

Okay folks,

So nothing is "perfect". I've found one downfall to the miracle peanut butter dog wandered into the workshop today and starting licking the glass on a recently PB'd picture that was waiting for pick-up. Nothing that can't be prevented with a little more careful placing of the completed pictures in the future!
Good idea, Marc. And none of that pesky PB residue. Of course, this begs the question: Is dog 'slobber' approved by FACTS...

(It's a JOKE! Just a JOKE!!!)
We don't have any IP glass to try it on, but I think Peter Pan would work best because it has the most sugar, therefore the most acid. That should clean it.
Originally posted by RonEggers:

Who first discovered that either Adolph's Meat Tenderizer or human urine would lessen the pain of a jellyfish sting? (Martha Stewart, perhaps?)
I just tried a new cleaning method for IP this morning. Equal parts Peanut Butter, Adolph's Meat Tenderizer and urine. It works great!

That might work, especially if you leave out the peanut butter and meat tenderizer. How many of us have tried cleaning Image Perfect glass with the recommended cleaners, only to see it get worse and worse - finally to throw up our hands in exasperation and scream, "OH, PI** ON IT!."

(I'm glad to see that no forum is immune to the influence of Warped Moulding. This one was getting a little slow.)