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The search is on...Mat Cutter


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
Finally! The insurance company has settled my claim for the broken-pipe flood damage I had last March. Lost my matboard inventory and my C&H 40x60 mat cutter. But...they won't send a check to replace the mat cutter until I purchase one and send them an invoice for it. Not for the full amount, I have an "allowance" toward the new one.

I've decided on a Fletcher 2200 60" with squaring arm and stops, based on the positive experience using one recently, for over a year. (Yeah, yeah, I'd love to get a CMC but just not an option now, but thanks in advance for the encouragement!).

Suggestions for where to look and who to talk to for the best deal? Does anyone out there offer a "Grumbler Discount"? LJ rep has offered a discount, but I still need to shop for the best deal I can, as what money is leftover will go toward matboard, ordering sheet-by-sheet per framing order is not very economical, if ya know what I mean!

I cut 25 mats today on my compact 32" Logan, and I'm SO ready for a new grown-up mat cutter!! Thanks for your help, Grumblers.
I know you have decided on a Fletcher - but at least look at a Phadra - I love my new one. I used a Logan 650 for years (and years) but I love this one.

The main reason I like it better than a Fletcher is how the stops work. That is one reason I stuck with my Logan for so long - I loved the stops. This one works very similar (only much better.)

With the Fletcher that I looked at, at a supplier open house, you had to cut both "long" sides, and then both "short" sides. I hate that.

But, good luck in your search.
Yes, I agree that the Phaedra is probably the best engineered manual cutter out there these days. I'm seriously considering getting one to replace my aging C+H. Talk to the people at the company. They are very nice, and very informative.
:cool: Rick
The Phaedra comes in some really fun colors too.
I knew I spelled that wrong - just couldn't figure out how to fix it.
And I found the website here . I'm especially interested in the claim "ergonomic design...reduces fatigue..."

It appears I "caught" carpal tunnel in my left hand when I had my hip surgeries. Woke up with 3 numb fingertips and two have never regained feeling. Weird!
I think it needs to be a new one....insurance company and invoice and all that, but good point, I'll call on Monday and make sure.
The Phaedra mat cutter's (Isn't it called a Choronomat?) technology most closely parallels that of the Keeton Kutter, the mat cutter that a lot of us learned on and some still use (I've got 4 now, just in case the Wizard goes down).
I would certainly keep it in consideration when purchasing a new cutter, along with the other top brands. What is intuitive for you might not be for others.

You might be able to convince whoever you are buying the cutter of your choice from to give you the "show special" that surely will be offered at the Atlanta show.
I don't understand why you have to purchase anything to get a check for the value of your loss. You've presumably paid your insurance company handsomely for some period of time. You shouldn't have to produce an invoice for the purchase of a replacement new (or used for that matter) mat cutter in order to get their partial reimbursement for the loss. I'd lean on them hard to give you a check and stop playing games.
The deal is, I will get 50% of the value of the newest version of the old one, which was a 20-yr-old 60" C&H that got wet. The new 60" C&H is what I'll get 50% of it's value for. If I get a different make, say, the Fletcher or Phaedra, or whatever, and the cost is higher than the C&H replacement, which was the list price quoted to the insurance adjustor by the C&H dealer, I still only get 50% of the C&H. If that's crystal clear to anyone, please explain (no, never mind, I can't take anymore!), because it isn't to me!

It's very confusing, and I asked him to just cut the darn check and send it, guaranteed I won't find one for LESS than the new C&H, which I don't want anyway. He stuck to it. Will send the check when I send an invoice. Period. Good grief, you'd think I was asking for millions! The entire check will amount to less than $3,000!

And no, I hadn't paid my insurance company handsomely for a considerable time, as I had just purchased the shop and started with that company only 3 months earlier. That shouldn't make a difference anyway, coverage is coverage, right?

I submitted 17 pages (!!), including copies of old invoices for proof of purchase cost, new price lists for proof of replacement cost, inventory of matboard damage (do you realize how many different types of matboard and different prices there are? ARGH!), pictures, letter from the C&H dealer (and he still needed a VERBAL verification!), owners manual, blah-bla-blah. I'm tired of e-mailing and faxing and calling and waiting for responses and hashing and cutting mats on a toy mat cutter and I just want to get the new one and replenish my matboard inventory, which I have practically NONE of now (scraps), and get on with my life as a framer!

P.S. I WILL be looking for a new insurance company, but that will be an entire new thread.....coming SOON!

p.s. Sorry for the rant. It's such a beautiful day and I really want to be out in it and not in here out of it, and the I-word (Insurance) makes my fangs come out. They don't come out very often, it feels yucky.

Now...anyone know where I might find the best deal on a Fletcher 2200? (I will look into the Phaedra, thanks)
Rick said:"United Mfrs distributes several fullsize matcutters at very attractive prices."

Yeah, Rick, I was hoping Mr. Ackerman might chime in here pretty soon. If not, I'm going to give him a call on Monday. :D It never hurts to beg - I mean - ask.
Everybody should review their insurance policies on replacement value coverage (and state insurance regulations for this coverage). A horror story - Several years ago friends had a fire that destroyed their house. They decided to settle into a condo. With their replacement coverage, their insurance company ONLY paid for items that they actually replaced - you can see the problem. They also had many unusual and irreplaceable items from years of international travel as crew members on overseas trips - another problem. It pays to know exactly what and how your insurance covers your property.

Pat :D
The best deal on a new cutter might turn out to pay a little more from a vendor that has delivery or free shipping.

I got my Fletcher 3000 from L-J because their truck was coming by anyway.

Let me know when you're ready to talk about insurance on another thread.
Ron, what's the difference between the Fletcher 2200 and the 3000?
Sorry. The 3000 is the wall cutter for glass and boards.

BIG difference.

I'm using a hybrid 2200 (a 2000 with a significant number of replacement parts for the 2200 - which Fletcher sent me for free, BTW) and I highly recommend the Fletcher cutters. Prior to that I had a Logan and before that, a C&H.
Whew Ron, I thought one snuck by (forgot the 3000 was the wall cutter too, ha!)

Apparently, LJ's 2200 has to be ordered from Chicago, and I don't think I'd get the free Thursday delivery. Another thing to check on Monday!!
The insurance check came in the mail today! So...I guess my pleas ("pleeease?") didn't fall on deaf ears afterall. I'm about 2 days away from ordering, waiting for a phone call from one last source (Hi, Mr. Ackerman!) and then...New Mat Cutter!

We're building a new table for it tomorrow and Friday (hubby's days off!), my work tables are only 53" long. This is exciting!!!

I'm Soooo Happy!!! :D :D :D