The right air compressor for me for Underpinner


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May 24, 2006

1st post :D

I need to know what is the best air compressor for an Inmes Underpinner IM 3P SE.

The quieter the better!

I figure you guys would know best based on experience!

I see that WIZ advocates/supplies SILENTAIR DR-
500 andyou JUNAIR----major differences(size/capacity/weight/silence/longevity/reliability??)
I have been instructed to say "I have no idea".

But I do know that we are looking at this time also.

I've just worked in different shops that had Junairs and the only time you know it's working is that little Psst when it stops compressing. Been known to scare the begeezees out of me late at night.
Thanks I did do a search and read everything I could find here, but I think I missed that post!

I'll come back with questions....
I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty clueless about now! I just read all about air compressors and feel like I'm from Mars and just read a car manual

The only thing the air compressor will be on is the underpinner. After looking at different compressors why do only some of them have the decible rating on them? I'm hoping to find the least expensive with the lowest decible rating. Due to the environment we are currently in I believe it will have to be oil-less.

I hate buying stuff I have no clue about!!
I agree with Baer. I have a JunAir in my shop and it is the best compressor I have ever used. It is hooked to my F-5600 and I do NOT hear it run. Good Luck!
All of my experience with Junairs were in California. North & South.

As for quiet and least expensive.... they are mutually exclusive. You will pay for quiet....

[funny note: just as I was typing that, the plumbers started the hammer drill in the room above me, and the other who is working on a run through my office fired up the recipricating saw right behind me. Talk about being just that close to wetting ones pants. LOL]