"the quiet saw company"

j spears

Grumbler in Training
Nov 7, 2004
black mtn nc
I see there's a used saw for sale on the internet made by the Quiet Saw Company. I can't find any information on the net pertaining to this saw or this company. Does anybody know anything about the "Quiet Saw" ?
You mean it's quiet when it's ON ?
Do you mean this saw? I beleive it is for sale by a fellow grumbler. I hear his used equipment is good!

Looks like a real work horse, any grumblers have first hand knowledge of this machine?

BTW Welcome to the grumble. As you can tell we like to tease each other as well as give advice! Consider yourself one of us already!
I saw one of those in Atlanta years ago. It is Kwiet until you start to cut something. You can barely hear the motor over the scream of the dust collector.

I do remember seeing and hearing it in use and it was less noisey that many others. Funky saw though. Your first cut is made with the moulding held in a vise perpendicular to the main fence, and the second cut on the main fence. A saw you could put in a corner.
If this is the saw I am thinking of a guy in Richmond, va has something to do with it. The same person who invented the thumbnailer. I do not know if it is or ever was in mass-production.


The only thing that seems different is the bottm was closed in with plexi. And one thing of note that I see on this web site listing. There is a 13" blade. Is that hard to find, I have not heard of that.