CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 15, 1999
Winter Park, Florida
Just got inforamtion today that the upgrade to the Wizard 8000 is going up in price at the end of this month.

Guess will have to make a decision to upgrade by then.

I was waiting to get the new upgraded software and maybe make a decision after i worked with it to see what is new on the software and what is new on the new machine.

Of the Wizard owners here who has upgrded to the 8000 and why??
I think now is the time to upgrade. As the Texas distributor I was able to show the new 8000 at the PPFA Waxahachie show this month and I was blown away. I have had the 5000 for about 8 years and have loved it dearly but now is the time to move on. You can cut 8-ply, mimic v-grooves to the parameter of most any opening, rotate individual openings and merge openings. It is quieter and faster. The software is more intuitive and is very easy to learn. This is an impressive machine, that is coming from the framer in me, not the distributor.
Also, the conversion cost is going up on June 1st. So as they say "Act now"
The 5000 was good but on most days I could do better with a manual on simple square mats. It shined with speed good cuts and special cuts etc. The new 8000 is GREAT, I my best day it would would cut better. Quality is the reason to replace.