The Gilman Brothers foam boards?


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May 24, 2002
Raceland, Louisiana
About a year or two ago, i was ordering regular foamboards from "Crossroads" in Mississippi. The matboards they stocked were NOT "The Gilman Brothers" foamboards and i had no problem with them at all. A few months later when i placed another order for regular foamboards, the boxes delivered were Gilman. I opened a box and ALL the sheets did not lay flat.. . they had about a 1" bow in them. I had them picked up and then called Decor Moulding and ordered a few boxes along with matboards. The foamboards were NOT Gilman and layed very flat. A few months later, when i ordered matboards and mouldings, i also ordered foamboard, but this time it was the "acid-free" foamboards. When i got them in they were the Gilman brand... again, warped!!! At that time they just started dealing with The Gilman Brothers and they only carried their acid-free foamboards, NOT the regular foamboards. I just talked to the Decor salesman and asked him about the name brand of both the acid-free and the regular foamboard they now carry and i was told they only carry The Gilman Brothers foamboard. I am very disappointed. The next time i order foamboards i think i will find a company that sells a good brand and buy it it by the pallet! . Does anyone else use The Gilman foamboards? Any problems?

Tks. ajh
hmm...never heard of them.
depending on which supplier I use, I get either Neilsen or Gilman--looking back in my memory(always a huge task) the Gillman stuff tends to be flatter out of the box...Ive been playing with the idea of dropping NB all together---bowing is not a show stopper, but really annoying!!!
I now stock "Bainbridge" foam boards. I am sick and tired of "The Gilman Brothers" poor quality JUNK! Yesterday a customer brought in a photo i framed for them. The photo was 18 x 24 and was mounted. They brought it back because there was a huge bubble almost in the center of the photo (about 14" in diameter). I thought for some reason the "Vac-U-Mount" was bad... i was wrong. When i took it apart, I was able to peel the photo away from the foam of the foamboard! The problem was the paper on the foamboard separated from the center core of the foamboard. Instead of trying to remove the paper from the photo, i simply used Vac-U-Mount again and mounted the photo (and the paper) to a "Bainbridge" foamboard... problem solved. For many wholesale distributors to start selling that junk from "The Gilman Brothers", they must get it at one heck of a discount, which is NOT passed on to
I always use the Neilson/Bainbridge Artcare archival foamboard, which I quite like. I find it tends to bow a bit, but not so much that it causes a problem. I did come across in my last case of Artcare foamboard, 4 sheets that had the paper bubbled off from the foamcore centre in a few areas. I had never come across that before in all the years that I've been using it. I didn't have a problem getting good replacements from my local supplier though, even though it was a month or more after I received the case that I noticed the problem (goes to show you should inspect everything carefully immediately upon delivery!)

I always wondered if it is the way I store my cases that causes some of the bowing - does it matter if they are stored vertically or horizontally? If I remember correctly, there seems to be less bowing when I stored the box horizontally.